Smile, Zirconia Veneers Are The New Zoom Meeting Must Have
Smile, Zirconia Veneers Are The New Zoom Meeting Must Have

Smile, Zirconia Veneers Are The New Zoom Meeting Must Have

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The power of a perfect smile can get you far. That’s why Zirconia Veneers are the secret weapon of vloggers, models, social media influencers, celebrities, and even CEOs.

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First off, let’s talk about veneers and why you should consider having them. Simply put, veneers are thin coverings over the visible side of your teeth. Essentially, they are needed to help solve multiple health and aesthetic dental issues.

To put it into perspective, I got veneers because I’ve always been insecure about my smile. For as long as I could remember, my “rabbit-like” front teeth and my gummy smile would cause me great insecurity. Apart from this, my friends would always tell me to lay off on the coffee because my teeth are getting yellow. But, of course, I would never.

After looking at all my options, I found Zirconia Veneers to be my best bet. I was hitting two birds with one stone. As a result, I wouldn’t need to get braces at such an old age and I could stop buying teeth whitening products. In addition to this, researchers have found Zirconia Veneers to be 200 percent stronger and more flexible than your normal teeth.

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Now that we’ve covered the what’s and why’s, let’s move on to the second most important thing: finding the right dentist. Keep in mind that not all dentists are trained in placing veneers. Thus, you must look for one who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. After doing my research, I found that my best bet would be Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center in Legazpi Village. Dr. Jonas Apostol, CEO and Chief Dentist of the center, has even been named, “The Most Sought After Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist in the Metro.” This is because Dr. Jonas has had multiple celebrity clients, such as: Will Dasovich, Haidee Quing, Jenni & Aryanna Epperson, Patricia Henson, Raiza Contawi, Anna Cay, Rei Germar, and so much more. Surely, if he can give them a confidently beautiful smile, then he can give me one, too.

Lastly, there is procedure and cost of Zirconia Veneers. In total, the procedure consists of six steps. By succession, they are:

For the cost, the average price of Zirconia Veneers in Apostol Dental is Php 30,000 per tooth. If you would only like to get them for your upper front teeth, then you could estimate the price at P210,000 for a set of seven. Some may opt for Full Mouth Rehabilitation, which costs around P840,000 for a set of 28 teeth. Zirconia is the highest grade material that can be used on veneers, which explains the hefty price.

Aside from Zirconia, there are other materials that may be used for veneers that are at much more affordable price. Namely, they are: Porcelain veneers at P25,000 per tooth and Composite veneers at Php 8,000 per tooth. It is always better to consult your dentist on which type would best fit your teeth and budget.

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During the pandemic, the need to perfect our smiles have been ever more important. Our faces are in full display during many Zoom calls, Webinars, and Online Meetings we get into. In Apostol Dental, they’ve recognized this need and have continued operations throughout the pandemic. Also, they have taken in the necessary safety protocols recommended by the Philippine Dental Association and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Protection). To ensure a safe appointment, the clinic offers disposable PPEs, medical grade sanitizing equipments, air purifiers, autoclave machines, and regular disinfection.