Zendaya Debuts Her First Collection With Tommy Hilfiger In Paris

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It looks like Gen Z’s are slowly taking over the fashion scene. And leading the charge creating a modish collection for the next generation is none other than Zendaya together with Tommy Hilfiger at Paris Fashion Week.

Zendaya has always been the American sweetheart for the Gen Z. So when Tommy Hilfiger officially announced her last year as the new Global Women’s Ambassador and will be having a capsule collection, her cult followers immediately fired up social media.

That’s why it’s no surprise as the big day arrived, her runway show was all over our timelines for many reasons. From legendary supermodel Grace Jones’ finale walk to casting only women of color, Zendaya truly made it a point to stun everyone at the Comédie & Studio des Champs-Elysées.

The child star channeled 70s luxe offering a gamut of denim ensembles, prints, and vibrant solid colors. She also made a huge statement in her show casting 59 black models, ages 18 to 70 in different shapes and sizes proving that it’s about time to be inclusive.

Zendaya explained in her interview with Elle that she wanted to make a show inspired by the women who helped her to be where she is now. “Honestly, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to them through this show. I said to Tommy, ‘If we do a show, this is what it needs to be about,'” she added.

The lineup featured four decades of beauty from Pat Cleveland, 68, often regarded as the world’s first black supermodel strut in a colorful metallic pleated ensemble. We also witnessed Supermodel Veronica Webb, 54, and Debra Shaw, 42, gracing the colorfully illuminated runway.

Grace Jones

But the one who undoubtedly dominated the show was the legendary Grace Jones. The 70-year-old supermodel and singer boogied down the runway to her song “pull up to the bumper” in a dazzling metallic blazer, gold bodysuit, and a thigh-high leather boots.

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