Y/Project Just Created Spring's Newest Weird Shoe Trend

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2017 saw a spectrum of oddities in fashion as designers unveiled their own brand of bizarre for the past seasons. Balenciaga and Supreme released iterations from vehicles to home furniture while Saint Laurent made us nostalgic with high-heeled roller skates. But if there’s anyone who has made a name for strange, offbeat fashion, it’s Parisian brand, Y/Project.

After Jeremy Scott revamped the beloved Uggs last year, the controversial footwear has made a re-emergence in the runway courtesy of the Glen Martens-helmed label – debuting a deconstructed shearling bootie in an unexpected silhouette that overhauled the signature ankle length of the popular 2000s shoe. For Y/Project Spring 2018, it’s about the thigh-highs and their seemingly gravity-defying figure.

photo from vogue.com

The new style was unveiled along with their menswear line for SS ’18 as well as additional footwear designs such as Uggs with multiple cuffs and their own fuzzy pool slides. Style-wise, they were sent down the runway accompanied by jeans trimmed with fur,layered deconstructed statement pieces and oversized jumpers that Y/Project has always been known for.  “The collection is about versatility, about how you want to wear the pieces, and experimenting with it when you wear it,” said Martens in a statement.

“With Y/Project, we’re always very in your face. I think the Ugg boot is such an iconic design, so for me, the whole challenge was: what do we do with that? How do we twist it?” the designer said post-show. “Putting your foot into an Ugg is like putting your foot in warm butter, so why not put your entire leg in it?”

It’s no surprise, as the brand is known for its out-of-the box shoe designs. But with this in mind as the first bizarre shoe trend of the year, it surely is just the beginning.


photos from Highsnobiety