YouTuber Merch Is Taking Over The Streetwear Industry One Hoodie At A Time

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It’s the age of streetwear—and online personalities have decided to join the movement. Cop the newest merch of the most influential people on the internet. 

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YouTuber merch has changed over the years. Gone are the days when people would shy away from the newest drop because of the cringey designs. The truth is online personalities have stepped up their game, especially in designing their brand. Nowadays, you’ll see people reppin’ the merch without even knowing the YouTuber behind it. Since online personalities are now entering the streetwear game, we’ve decided to do a rundown on the best fan merch in the market.

Cody Ko and Noel Miller for Tiny Meat Gang (TMG)

Former Viners, Cody Ko and Noel Miller, are the masterminds behind the Tiny Meat Gang (TMG). Despite having their own independent merchandise, they were able to create a unique identity to the TMG brand. Their satirical lines and guerrilla marketing strategies is what makes this duo unstoppable.

Felix Kjellberg for PewdiePie
pewdiepie, felix kjellberg, minecraft
The biggest YouTuber in the platform, obviously has dope merch. PewdiePie’s merchandise is an echo of his meme-able lines in his videos. Apart from his own line, he also shares merchandise with now wife, Marzia Kjellberg, called Tsuki Market.

Kurtis Conner for KurtisTown
kurtistown, merch, kurtis conner
A newcomer to the YouTube scene, Kurtis Conner, has become a lightning rod in the industry. His soft-boy aesthetic adds up to his very marketable taste. His line, KurtisTown, is the one-stop shop to merchandise for his podcast, YouTube channel, and stand-up comedy shows.

Hila Klein for Teddy Fresh
teddy fresh, youtuber, merch
Hila Klein of the h3h3productions YouTube channel is the brains behind the line, Teddy Fresh. Using a teddy bear as their brand logo, the streetwear company is completely independent from h3h3productions. Despite this, we decided to add it in because Hilda is a part of h3h3 and the brand has become truly iconic on the internet.

Rhett and Link for Mythical
mythical, merch, rhett and link
Rhett and Link are the dynamic duo behind the current Smosh. Their company, Mythical Entertainment, bought the Smosh brand in the year 2019 and have now expanded their business to over 250 million monthly viewers. This has helped their merch line, Mythical, to create a substantial following over the years.