Your Behind Needs Self Care Too: Introducing Buttitude’s Butt Mask

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Love for the farthest reaches of your body will never be out of reach with these handy masks tailor-made for your nether regions

When it comes to loving yourself, there are no ifs or ands, but there are definitely butts. Whole body skin care can now be achieved through the novel rejuvenating effects you can only experience from Buttitude’s brand-new butt masks. Keep the delicate surfaces of your back cheeks looking as healthy, hydrated and rejuvenated as the cheeks of your face as Buttitude’s latest offerings now arrive at a Rustan’s Department Store near you.

No laughing matter

Many may find humor—or even shame—to the idea of taking care of your hindquarters. Pay no mind to such frivolities. Whether it’s through hustling through extensive glute workouts or applying a litany of various moisturizing creams, women have been searching for the best ways to take care of backsides for a truly holistic approach to their bodily routines. One aspect of butt care that has rarely seen the spotlight is that of how delicate the surfaces of our behinds truly are; so much so that they might just require the same proper level of care as your face or your legs. 

Fortunately enough, a fresh innovation discovered to keep your cheeks smooth, hydrated and healthy has arrived in the form of Buttitude’s hefty assortment of nurture-focused butt masks with a variety of intended benefits.

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Choices for your cheeks

Like the cheeks of your face, the skin of your behind can be nourished in a variety of ways as nature provides. This is why Buttitude was able to develop three different types of masks with different all-natural ingredients in the aid of your body’s largest muscle.

The first of these masks is the orange Smoothing Butt Mask. Formulated with special tangerines from the Jeju Islands for its special anti-age and wrinkle properties, the Smoothing Butt Mask was made for those who want to even out texture and restore a firm elasticity to the skins of their behinds. 

For those with dry and fatigued butt skin, the blue Hydrating Butt Mask is the skin care product you never knew you needed. Utilizing precious Jeju lava seawater, this hydrogel sheet mask is perfect for achieving shining, luscious skin for your behinds.

Those who suffer from pesky butt acne and other skin impurities can now find solace in the cleansing effects of the green Purifying Butt Mask. This handy sheet mask is infused with purifying volcanic ash from Jeju Island which regulates unnecessarily produced sebum from your pores. This mask is the perfect way to go for those looking to rid their butt of blemishes and dark spots.

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A great summer bum, all-year round

Buttitude recommends a consistent application of butt masks at least once or twice a week for optimum effects; making it the perfect product for those who want their entire bodies looking summer-ready for the full 365 days of a year. While summer may have just recently ended, the Philippine’s consistent tropical weather and vast collection of beaches will always be ready for when your bikini-clad beach bum decides to pay a visit. It might just be the wisest idea to get your entire body—including the part you can’t see—looking and feeling ready for the sands, the mojitos, and the coconut trees.

For more information on Buttitude’s products, make sure to visit Rustan’s Department Store at their official online store or follow them at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates. Buttitude’s brand-new butt masks are available in all Rustan’s Beauty Bar stores nationwide.