You Have To See This Collection That Celebrates 50 Years Of Pride

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Start your decade right and celebrate the true essence of love and be colorful as much as you want with Esprit’s newest collaboration.

Our quintessential 2000s brand is back, better, and bolder, giving us no less than nostalgia, revolution, and pride. Famed for its quality clothing, Esprit recently unveiled an exclusive collection with Craig & Karl, putting love and equality at the forefront of the campaign.


Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of the 60s, the California-born brand crafts a collection that truly speaks volumes—always celebrating real people and togetherness. After all, as the brand’s notable promise states: “We want to make you feel good to look good.”

Craig and Karl’s art titled, “Mixc World,” featured for the Chinese New Year Campaign at Mixc’s Shenzhen Location.

Renowned artists Craig Redman and Karl Maier are known for having exhibited artwork in the world of fashion, technology, and politics, which had been featured in museums globally. So, for their collaborative capsule, it’s only fitting that the dynamic duo’s designs are a manifestation of love, equality, and joy through art.


By using the brand’s clothing line as its canvas, the two creatives have remarkably incorporated rainbows into the patterns that spelled out a clear message symbolizing acceptance and freedom.

“Every stripe means ‘of all types.’ It is a statement of diversity, inclusivity, and cooperation,” International Brand’s Vice President Richard Coronel Santos explains. “Stripes are a prominent feature of Esprit’s design DNA, [while] Craig & Karl’s signature [is] focusing on patterns and color.”

With this collaboration already out in the stores, Esprit once more proves that their brand’s success story is really based on two pillars. First, they are able to deliver triumph every day through laid-back tailored essentials, and second, they provide fashion-forward pieces whilst staying true to its core values of sustainability, equality, and freedom of choice. Now, this is a brand worth supporting and waving the flag loud and proud for.

The Esprit x Craig & Karl Collection is now available in stores nationwide. Follow Esprit on Facebook and on Instagram @esprit for more updates.