James Reid Influenced Nadine Lustre Into Wearing This Millennial Fashion Trend And It Screams #CoupleGoals!

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Nadine Lustre exclusively tells us one thing she learned to love because of her beau James!

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James and Nadine have always been everyone’s goal when it comes to almost everything. From #TravelGoals to #StyleGoals, the couple just knows how to be the pair everyone wants to be. And it couldn’t be more evident than when Nadine shared how her beau James influenced her to stop hating on one particular fashion trend.

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During an exclusive interview with the actress, we put Nadine to the ultimate judgment test. As a style inspo for many, we asked her to say “yay or nay” to millennial trends that ruled the first half of 2018. And when asked about fanny packs, Nadine spilled the fanny-est story ever!

Fanny Packs

Nadine admitted she didn’t like fanny packs at first. Even with James telling her he always wanted a Gucci fanny pack, Nadine still didn’t think fanny packs are her thing. It was until James started wearing fanny packs that Nadine realized she wanted one too!
Want to know which trend Nadine said “MEGA Yay” to? Watch as she says “yay or nay” to the millennial trends of 2018: