The First Miss Universe Philippines Crown Was Made By Women
Woman-Led And Women-Made, The First Miss Universe Philippines Crown Is A Symbol Of Empowerment

Woman-Led And Women-Made, The First Miss Universe Philippines Crown Is A Symbol Of Empowerment

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A symbol of feminine power, The Miss Universe Philippines 2020 “Filipina” crown is priceless. Apart from its worth, this crown holds a history deeply rooted in women.

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The Miss Universe Philippines crown was first introduced on October 21, 2020, as the first official crown of the inaugural edition of the pageant. The Filipina is the first Miss Universe Philippines crown made by the woman-led Villarica pawnshop, a ubiquitous facet to the Filipino economy. That is why it became the personal mission of the all-female staff of Villarica to create a crown that symbolizes the elements of a Filipina: perseverance, optimism, creativity, intelligence, and the love for one’s country. 

As the first crown in Filipino pageant history, it has set a bar to crowns of the future. It’s been reported that The Filipina crown is worth a whopping P5 million ($100,000). The crown of a unique and considerable height is entirely made out of a combination of pearls, diamonds, rubies, topazes, and sapphires. At a glance, the crown evokes the Philippine flag with its colors and gleam enshrined in the swoops of filagree metalwork. Truly a symbol of serene opulence and poetic power, the Filipina crown is a wonderful the perfect punctuation and symbol for the reign of the future of the eventual winner.

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The Filipina crown will make its first appearance at the Miss Universe Philippines pageant coronation night this weekend. Many are speculating that the newest National Director of the organization, Shamcey Supsup, will be the bearer of the crown on the big day. It would either be her or former Miss Philippines 2019, Gazini Ganados. With all this being said, we can not wait to find out who will be the next bearer of The Power of Unity.