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Everything A Woman Can Learn From Priyanka Chopra

Everything A Woman Can Learn From Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra has probably achieved everything any lady would want. An actress, singer, and beauty queen—her resume keeps on growing day by day. It’s not a surprise that she’s now also venturing into the world of vlogging. If you’re not quite aware of how her career ran, she has won Miss World in 2006 and is officially the highest paid Indian actress. As everybody knows it, Priyanka has also recently been married to the youngest Jonas Brother, Nick. There isn’t anything stopping Priyanka anytime soon. As I went through the story of how she became the woman she is today as shared on Vogue, I’ve learned a few things that her experiences can teach.

Put Your Foot Down

It’s not every day that a woman gets to say what she wants. There has been many times that we are pushed aside for what people believed are the better options. Insecurities are far too normal for anyone to have but sometimes it just gets in the way. Knowing what you want and doing something about it are two different tasks. When offered a role in ‘Quantico’, Priyanka was hesitant knowing all the hate she’s received for her race. “I don’t want my ethnicity to lead the part that I play.” The show’s first season was a hit and was later broadcast in 64 countries.

You’re Stronger Than That

Insecurity is a long stronger than people think it is. Sometimes, it can be emotionally and spiritually draining that you just lost all will to do things. It can affect anyone physically even. Would you believe that one Priyanka Chopra has gone through the same pain of being insecure and looked down on? “My mom said, ‘Don’t worry about how you look. Speak so that they listen to you. Have something to say.’,” Priyanka says. With that mindset, she has won Miss World.

Be In Control

In this day and age, being a woman has become more empowering. Yet, the influence and power of women are still being suppressed by any means a man can. Priyanka has the same vision: for women to be strong enough to call the shots. Not just one, but every single woman should be able to purse the career they want, Priyanka shares. “Go online; pursue the person you want to meet. Choose the kind of guy you like.”

Don’t Be Boxed

“This is who you are,” people would say over and over. It’s going to be repetitive. You’ll be confined by your gender, race, and even social status. There will always be people who will make you feel like you can’t be more. When people said that Priyanka could never crossover into Hollywood, she proved them completely wrong. She has successfully penetrated the industry, married Nick Jonas, and is set to star alongside Rebel Wilson on ‘Isn’t It Romantic’.

Choose The ‘Right’ Man

Any lady can have a man but does that man see the world the way you do? Does that man appreciate your strengths? Not every man can be like Nick Jonas. “I love the way you look at the world. I love the drive you have,” Jonas told her and for a lady, this means a lot. Priyanka could vouch for that. Usually, a man would get insecure or threatened if the woman is strong enough to stand up for herself. Let’s just say Priyanka is successful enough to find one man who adores that side of her.

Photos courtesy of ElleHarper’s Bazaar and Glamour