Will Jisoo Change Her Mane Look For Her Solo Debut?

Will Jisoo Change Her Mane Look For Her Solo Debut?

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As the BLACKPINK member prepares for her own debut coming this month, we might just expect a change in the course of Jisoo’s hair affair

Transforming your physical appearance can stem from a deeper, internal intention. Whether it is due to a breakup, a breakthrough, or a breakaway, trying out a fresh look for a new season seems like a good idea. In fact, even in the world of K-Pop, a sudden haircut or hair color is enough to signal the fans that a comeback is coming. And as an idol herself, BLACKPINK member Jisoo already knows the drill on these things. 

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With the official announcement of her debut coming out just a few hours ago, fans are already anticipating the sound, style, and spectacle of the group’s main visual for her solo debut. When we say style, that of course includes her mane look. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo Official Announcement of her Debut

Although Jisoo has sported her jet black hair for that classic and natural beauty, there is a possibility for the singer-actress to go big in this new era of her career. In fact, we have seen her rock a range of shades in different periods of BLACKPINK over the years. As we wait for her most-anticipated solo, we put Jisoo’s mane attraction at the forefront and take a look at her past hair colors.

Blonde and bangs combo

Jisoo once did a Hannah Montana transformation by surprising BLINKS with a lighter shade and some wispy bangs, making the fan edits finally come true! The idol’s announcement coincided with the release of their documentary, BLACKPINK: The Movie, in August 2021. Edit or not, this platinum shade suits her and it might just make it to her solo’s music video! 

BLACKPINK Jisoo in platinum hair color

Roaring red head

The idol stood out in her long, red hair during their Coachella performance and US tour in 2019. It seems like Jisoo is too into her Gryffindor persona that even her hair matched her house’s color as she toured around Universal Studios Hollywood. In the teaser image, a red cloth stood out as it was pictured on the grass. Could this be a precursor to a possible red hair change as well? 

BLACKPINK Jisoo in red hair color

Quick pink chop

Jisoo channeled a pink-on-pink beauty look in one segment for their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” M/V with a pink, bobbed wig matching her monochromatic makeup. This surprised the fans at that time, and if the newest soloist does it again, everyone will surely love this striking take once more. 

BLACKPINK Jisoo in pink hair color

Subtle brunette locks

Even the slightest update cannot be missed by a fan’s sharp eye, and that’s exactly what went down during Jisoo’s latest Paris Fashion Week attendance. The K-Pop star made an appearance at the Dior show donning a regal look courtesy of the Maison’s pleated purple dress. What people couldn’t help but talk about though was Jisoo’s lighter hair shade, a mix between medium and dark brown tresses. It may just be a few steps up from jet black, but going for brown is definitely a good way to mix up an idol’s look from time to time.

BLACKPINK Jisoo in brunette hair color

Photos from JISOO (via Instagram)

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