Why You Need Sunglasses on Your Next Ride

Why You Need Sunglasses on Your Next Ride

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We always see pro cyclists wearing big sunglasses, but ever wondered why they’re needed?

Everyone needs protection from the elements, whether you’re biking at high speeds or in traffic-heavy cities. And with the summer heat to contend with, sunglasses are definitely a need for cyclists—athletes and city commuters alike. Here, we list down the primary reasons why professional athletes wear them, why beginners should as well, and how to choose your next pair.

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A good pair of sports sunglasses is one accessory that should definitely not be overlooked when it comes to biking, and this is one lesson that athletes know very well. One obvious reason is that it shields your eyes from the sun, and light rain when it comes. However, another benefit that others could overlook is that sunglasses can shield your eyes from bugs like flies and other small insects—and when you’re biking at high speeds, this is less a potentiality but rather, an inevitability. Zooming through the wind can already make your eyes water up, but a bug in your eye can also make you lose focus.

Cycling sunglasses worn by cyclists
Photo Credit: @rudyproject (via Instagram)

Apart from those reasons, sunglasses would be useful against other elements, such as debris from the road. This could mean things like air pollution or pebbles that fly off from the wheels of other vehicles, which is why city commuters or leisurely bikers should consider wearing sunglasses on their next ride.

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Choosing the right pair of cycling sunglasses is all up to your preference and need. Some factors you should be aware of when making a purchase are the environment you’ll be biking in, the weather conditions, comfortability, adaptability, style, and whether they are impact-resistant or not. 

Rapha cycling sunglasses worn by cyclists
Photo Credit: @rapha (via Instagram)

With that being said, some great options to look into are cycling sunglasses from trusted brands like Oakley and Rapha. If you’re in the market for new sunglasses, we can point you to the direction of the Micro Edge performance sunglasses from Bollé. If performance is not quite what you’re looking for, then the new Corridor Prizm Black Lenses from Oakley could be the right fit as it intends to blend into both active and casual outfits.

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