Why You Should Get These Celebrity-Approved Sandals This Season
Why Should You Get These Celebrity And Vogue-Approved Sandals This Season

Why Should You Get These Celebrity And Vogue-Approved Sandals This Season

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These of-the-moment It-sandals are not only celebrity-approved, but they’re also up to the standards of Vogue as well. Yes, that Vogue.

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The best thing about living in a tropical country is that you can wear comfortable yet uber-sophisticated clothes. Where other temperamental climates need more than one layer, for us, there is no need to worry about stacking on the pieces for warmth. Easy, breezy, and more congenial to the climate, wearing simple and chic sandals is also acceptable—by the beach or if approved by your HR dress code.

But with so many brands offering such sandals in the market, what does it mean to be the perfect pair? Well, the search need not be extensive and exhaustive, because we’ve found the pair that is both celebrity and Vogue-approved. Yes, that Vogue.

Joining the roster of emerging designers and brands featured on the British Vogue is none other than Annie & Lori. On spotlight of the respected magazine’s Designer’s Profile section, you’ll see the brand’s modern update of the bakya (wooden clogs) and mules that incorporated unique indigenous textiles. Standing out on the page is the Filipino homegrown brand’s deep fondness of our country’s very own rich culture and heritage. And if you’ll take a look at all their creations, it is very classy with its minimalist approach.

“We stand proud in acknowledging our roots being a Filipino brand, and it is so surreal to be the only Philippine name on the said issue,” the brand captions on their Instagram post. “Today more than ever, we are more fueled to put Filipino shoe craftsmanship into the global spotlight.”

So, when Annie & Lori was featured in the Fashion and Film issue of British Vogue for February 2020, the local artisanal shoe founder Faith Mijares felt like she was on cloud nine. “We were extremely excited when British Vogue contacted us a couple of months ago to say they would like to feature Annie & Lori,” she happily shares. “It’s a dream come true and this will definitely inspire us to continue creating more beautiful sandals for the Filipina and for more women in other parts of the world.”

Apart from the homegrown brand being Vogue-approved, their pieces are also loved by local celebrities and style savants. From Sarah Lahbati, Kelsey Merritt, Julie Anne San Jose, to Camille Co, their sandals just keep on proving that it’s the best footwear this season, thus far.

Camille Co

In fact, during Camille Co’s trip to Los Angeles last summer, she was seen wearing one of the coveted mules called “Meghan Inabel” that was featured in British Vogue. Sarah Lahbati, on the other hand, wore the brand’s “Chloe” in the hue of rust-red as she attended a beach wedding in Hawaii.

Sarah Lahbati

Wherever you find yourself to be, Annie & Lori just proves that their stunning sandals can be worn on almost—if not all—occasions. But most importantly, you get to wear a sandal that’s not just simply gorgeous, but you also show the veracious beauty of Filipino design. As Faith Mijares would say, “if only most Filipinos would be aware of how great our artisans are, they would definitely beam with pride.”