Why Pilates Is More Than Just A Physical Workout

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Ever wondered how celebrities like Lovi Poe and Janine Gutierrez stay toned all throughout the year? The answer is simple: pilates.

If you’re considering getting into it, look no further than Move With Options in Rockwell, powered by the famed Options Studio. Move With Options happens to be the country’s first Classical Pilates studio under Smart Movement–a term that means moving with focus, precision and strength to balance the muscle groups of the body while engaging the mind.

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Brought together by owner and managing partner Krishna Yalong-Penson and Options Studio founder and master trainer Ole Eugenio, Move With Options offers clients personalized, one-on-one sessions. Whether you want exercises to slim, tone, heal or rehabilitate your body, the programs, which are centered on Classical Pilates, certainly transform you inside and out.

For those of you who are wondering, Classical Pilates simply means that the program sticks closely to Joseph Pilate’s work, doing the original exercise in the order that they were performed. “After mastering both Contemporary and Classical Pilates, I understood that it’s energy training your body. It’s rejuvenation, it’s vitality,” starts Eugenio. “This is when I came about discovering Classical Pilates, and when the idea of Move With Options was born.”

“Pilates is a mind and body workout, an intelligent exercise. I love how I need to be in tune while doing the exercises. I always feel energized, relaxed and refreshed after each session,” shares Yalong-Penson.

Considering all the festivities you’ll be attending soon, what better time to begin on your new fitness goals than the holiday season?

Move With Options is located at R3 Level, New Wing, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @movewithoptions.