Who Says Print Is Dead? This Blooming Burst Of Springtime Collection Begs To Differ

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Anticipating the changing of the tropical season, Plains & Prints steps out into the great style expanse with The Spring Harvest, a print they can truly call their own.

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In the cyclical world of fashion, nothing says summer than a blooming burst of prints, usually of the tropical sort. It isn’t anything new, of course, especially in this perma-tropical climate we live in, something Miranda Priestly sharply agrees to as the complete opposite of ground-breaking. However, it is the simple fact that no matter how typical a sprig of greens or a bouquet of flowers may seem to be, it does what it does best—evoke that spring of new life.

Staying true to the genesis of its name, local retail brand, Plains & Prints, roots itself in its penchant for craft and original design as it introduces its first signature print through its collective fashion collection. It may seem hard to believe that for a brand that bears the word, it has yet to call a print completely its own—until now. “Prints have always been embedded in our aesthetic and DNA,” explains Roxanne Farillas, Plains & Prints Co-Founder. “The Spring Harvest print is a testimony to our brand heritage and strong suit of our team.”

Vibrant, fresh, and spirited, The Print Collective of Plains & Prints takes us on a journey of a whimsical, idyllic summer with the Spring Harvest Print, an ecosystem of flora, fauna, and fruits that speak of endless days under the warmth of the sun. With its unique and desirable print, the brand new collection translates this delectable print into various interpretations, manifested through methods such as surface treatments, as well as manipulation of texture, size and silhouette to explore its boundless versatility. A commitment to the original and unique, Plains & Prints continues to persist and persevere with an assortment of ladylike, feminine, and graceful fashion that makes it not only a go-to, but an apparent classic for the woman’s wardrobe.

Don’t think of it as a complete printed takeover though, because a necessary exhale lightens the mood and life of the Spring Harvest Collection with solid pastel colors and luscious neutrals that make you really want you sink your teeth in the spirit of the season. What becomes very clear with the bountiful offering of Plains & Prints is its access to liberty; giving ease and effortlessness that make you really want to live out your fairytale fantasy of running out into the great expanse, twirling around with arms spread wide, as if embracing freedom unparalleled.

A perfect parallel to the changing of the season, this series not only holds much promise, but it sure is something the modern woman can look forward to, especially since within it threads an ingenuity and attitude that is uniquely and distinctly Filipina. Now, who says print is dead?