Who Is Bella Poarch? A Look Into The Filipino TikToker-Turned-Biggest YouTube Debut Star In History

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If you’ve been catching up on the Internet scene lately, you might have heard of a certain somebody named Bella Poarch.

The zoomed-in lip-syncing star first went viral in her “M To The B” TikTok—but she’s now grown past the app and broken multiple records with her first single “Build A B*tch” produced with Warner Studios.

Here are five fast facts about Bella Poarch—because who isn’t curious?

She was born in the Philippines and moved to Hawaii at 13

It’s true, Bella is a true full-blooded Filipino! She’s been transparent with growing up in the Philippines and her Filipino-speaking voice is honestly as regular as it comes. Since hanging out with fellow Filipino influencer Bretman Rock, we’ve also learned that she can speak Ilocano.

She’s a Navy veteran

When she came of age, Bella immediately enlisted in the U.S. Navy back in 2017 and served for three years in Japan, where her love for the culture grew. In a live video to fans, she claimed that she enlisted at a young age to gain independence in her own way.

She’s an Aquarius

Bella was born in February 9, 1997—yes she’s that young at 24! It also means that her sun sign falls under Aquarius.

Aquarius suns are known to be introverted and individualistic, always finding (low-key)ways to stand out in the crowd. With Bella’s TikTok content ranging from anime references to simply being herself, we can’t deny that she has those qualities.

She’s reached over 1.6 billion likes on TikTok

Since starting out in June of 2020, Bella has amassed a billion likes on the platform and is the third most followed person on the site behind TikTok superstars Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae.


POV: I’m breaking up with you💅🏻✨ credit:@thatotherloudguyinclass

♬ Build a B*tch – Bella Poarch

She’s friends with fellow Filipino stars Bretman Rock and Valkyrae

Staying true to her roots, Bella has become good friends with fellow online personalities like Bretman and Fil-German streamer Valkyrae (real name: Rachel Hofstetter).

What more, the two also made cameos in Bella’s “Build a B*tch” official music video, which is now the now-biggest YouTube music debut in history with over 101 million views and counting.

In a recent Tweet, Bella credited the law of manifestation in helping her achieve her dreams. We’re with you there, girl.

Check out the record-breaking MV here: