While We Get Ready For More, Here's A Look Back On All The Making MEGA Covers So Far
While We Get Ready For Much More, Here’s A Look Back On All The Making MEGA Covers So Far

While We Get Ready For Much More, Here’s A Look Back On All The Making MEGA Covers So Far

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Defying the odds to produce covers outside of convention and our own home, the Making MEGA series is a testament to exceeding the true definition of storytelling, stopping at nothing to transform the biggest stars of today. 

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Holding forthright to our testament, we in MEGA, continue to work through what it takes and makes to be exceptional. From forming of the best team, bridging highly creative minds, and collaborating with the brightest stars of the industry, we take the long roads to produce only what is of high-caliber. In true MEGA tradition, Making MEGA goes through rigorous preparations, braving the long haul flights,

and facing all the means to bring us iconic cover after cover. As the recent edition kicks into high gear, we take a look back at all the #MakingMEGA covers, from South America with Anne Curtis to Kisses Delavin’s shoot in Czech Republic, we are once again witness to unceasing efforts in creating the finest visuals. Thus, the story of #MakingMEGA continues.

Making MEGA: Anne Curtis in South America

As the first ever celebrity to grace the #MakingMEGA cover, #AnneCurtis (@annecurtissmith) conquered South America with her undaunted spirit and inimitable energy. For the only Making MEGA that was shot in multiple cities and countries such as Brazil, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Peru (Machu Picchu), we look back at how history was made. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the first cover of #MakingMEGA was not part of the initial cover options, but a personal photo which the late founder of One Mega Group, Ms. Sari Yap picked herself.

SMART Making MEGA in South Africa

Bringing four of the biggest stars of their generation together and traveling to South Africa for one memorable cover, this by far is the thickest issue of MEGA. With Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Barretto, Maja Salvador, and Erich Gonzales, each of them perfectly pulled off the safari-themed shoot with integrated animal prints against the vivid expanse and culture of the continent in the background.

Making MEGA: The Finale with Vice Ganda

In what was supposed to be a fitting finale to the #MakingMEGA series, it was decided to end it with inclusivity, proving that MEGA is not only for women, but for the LGBTQ+ community as well. In the documentary that accompanied, founder Sari Yap talks about how that very community deserves its moment in the sun, which is why there was no other name on the list to front the issue but Vice Ganda.

Making MEGA in Greece with JaDine

Due to insistent public demand, the supposedly closed book of Making MEGA saw another opportunity to continue the narrative with a new chapter to the series. Giving us no less than a hint of their sultry romance, James Reid and Nadine Lustre resembled a Greek god and goddess as they posed intimately within the marble and pillars of Grecian architecture. Their fans were also in great awe as this cover paved way to the revelation of their real life status as a couple.

MEGANation Morocco with AlDub

Without a doubt, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s Making MEGA cover stands to be the best selling of all issues. Heating up the sun-soaked Morocco, the AlDub pair blended with the culture of this North African country. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: With left and right engagements, Alden only had 24 hours to shoot for this cover. To add to the odds stacked against the team, Maine suffered from migraine and cramps, but both being consummate professionals, the covers were exceptionally executed.

Celebrate MEGA Iceland with KathNiel

Depicting an unusual warmth in the tundra-like Iceland weather, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla stood their ground in front the the range of majestic snow-draped mountains. Apart from the MEGA team that traveled all the way to Iceland to make this cover possible, the Game of Thrones production team took part in this shoot.

Making MEGA in France with Gabbi Garcia

Boasting a distinct Mediterranean vibe, Gabbi Garcia looks breathtakingly beautiful at the blue sea of the Monaco Port. It was a great French encounter for Gabbi to strike her most fashionable ensemble within French cobblestone streets, marking her first time to visit the famed city of light and romance.

Making MEGA in Turkey with McLisse

McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson are the new romantics in Making MEGA in Turkey. In contrasting yet complementing fashion pieces, Elisse flaunts her sexy figure in a stunning red high-slit gown while McCoy wears a houndstooth coat. In this telling, the two opened up about their pursuits in the business, as well as of their partnership at the time.

Making MEGA in Portugal with Janella Salvador and John Lloyd Cruz

In their individual covers, Janella Salvador and John Lloyd Cruz showed a different level of sophistication and energy to the sprawling country of Portugal.

While Janella rocked the slick wet-look clad in striking metallics framed by one of Portugal’s best beaches, a pre-hiatus John Lloyd looked extra refined in his all red suit, which of course matched his soulful and brooding persona.

Making MEGA in Germany with MayWard

Like royalties lost in a reverie, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber portrayed a fantasy love story everyone would want to hear about again and again. In ball gowns and a wavy ‘do, Maymay lived out a modern Snow White with Edward as her prince in their own dramatic love affair. With the unwavering support that MayWard fans have poured into this issue, Making MEGA in Germany with MayWard is the only cover produced with a hardbound copy.

Making MEGA in Czech Republic with Kisses Delavin and Making MEGA in Italy with Marco Gallo

Reliving the pages of history in the Czech Republic, Kisses Delavin was at her best self, wearing vibrant pieces against Prague’s ancient walls.

Meanwhile, Marco Gallo who is no stranger to Italy set on adventure in his other home. With his Italian roots, he was at ease as he evoked the energy of this corner of the world.