Where You’ll See The Cast Of Vincenzo After Its Finale

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Vincenzo’s cast are booked and busy so you don’t have to miss them.

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Vincenzo is going to end this weekend and fans are having a collective separation anxiety. But fret not, because this is not the last of where you’ll see the cast. Here are the next projects of your favorite characters from the hit K-drama series.

Song Joong Ki

The handsome mafia consigliere is up for another action after the show. Song Joong Ki was scheduled to fly to Colombia and South Africa to finish his filming for Bogotá.

Photo from Netflix.

The film also stars Lee Hee Joon and Ryu Seung Boom. Bogotá is a crime thriller about youths who leave Korea for Colombia in the 1990s.

Jeon Yeo Been

The tenacious yet charmingly quirky lawyer of Vincenzo, Jeo Yeo Been, will film for her next series right after finale. She’s set to star with Korean singer-actress Nana in another Netflix series, Glitch.

Photo from Netflix.

Glitch is is a comic suspense thriller. Jeon Yeo Been is Hong Ji-hyo. A girl who boldly attempts to find her missing boyfriend. Instead, she ends up discovering mysterious secrets with the help of UFO club members.

Ok Taec Yeon

Vincenzo’s arch nemesis. We will never forget how Ok Taec Yeon portrayed the psychopathic Jang Hanseok really well. We’ll see him next in the Tale of Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi. It follows the story of secret royal inspector who joins hands with a fierce woman to investigate a mystery.

Photo from Netflix.

Ok Taec Yeon will also appear in a historical film titled, Hansan. He will be joining Park Hae Il, Byun Yo Han, and Son Hyun Joo.

Aside from the new TV series and film, Taecyeon will come back to his KPop roots. He will reunite with his fellow 2PM members this summer. This will mark 2PM’s first comeback in five years after the members having completed their mandatory military services.

Kwak Dong Yeon

He played Hanseo, Hanseok’s brother (Taecyeon). Also known as Vincenzo’s number one fanboy in the series.

Photo from Netflix.

Dong Yeon was confirmed to appear in the upcoming comedy film 6/45 with Go Kyung Pyo and Lee Yi Kyung.

Jo Han Chul

The versatile veteran actor, Jo Han Chul, who played Woosang CEO Han Seung Hyuk will remain busy. He will appear in The Seashore Village Chachacha with Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah.

Photo from Netflix.

He’s also confirmed to star with top-billed actress Jun Ji Hyun and his equally talented actor Oh Jung Se in Cliffhangers.

We can’t wait to hear from the other cast members’ next projects, but for now let’s all face the daunting reality. This show is coming to an end. The last two episodes of Vincenzo will air this Saturday and Sunday (May 1 and 2) on TVN with replays uploaded on Netflix.