Here's Where You Can Get All The Stylish Face Masks Right Now
Here’s Where You Can Get All The Stylish Face Masks Right Now

Here’s Where You Can Get All The Stylish Face Masks Right Now

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If you’ve been on the hunt to elevate your face mask, better prepare to jot down notes because we found some of the best that even celebrities are loving right now.

Let’s face it: sometimes we just want to wear a designer face mask when we go out—and it’s totally okay. In fact, it’s better if only we could wear reusable face masks as much as possible. Not only are we helping save Mother Earth from the pollution; we are also not adding to the shortage of surgical masks that front-liners critically need during these times.

Now, the thing about fashion is it always adapts to the changing of times. We’ve seen this through the decades that have passed, and frankly speaking, the most significant part (before COVID-19 happened) was during the second world war where scarcity of fabrics was at its peak, forcing everyone to wear utilitarian clothing and hems had gone shorter. So, as our society is currently facing a violent virus, fashion is once again adapting

by creating protective wear and masks to shield every person from being infected.

As we understand that the quarantine is far from being lifted yet many of us are already required to report back to work soon, we took the chance to compile some of the designer face masks that we think would impeccably complement your office outfit. And the best thing about it is you can wash and sterilize it again, but just don’t forget to put the filter inside the mask. But if you really want to have the full-proof protection, we suggest using these reusable masks on top of a surgical mask.

Here are ten designer face masks where you can get your “new” essentials.

Shanghai Story

While Shanghai Story is relatively new to the local fashion scene, it seems like the lifestyle brand is already paving ways on creating luxurious yet inexpensive pieces such as face masks. With its Filipino founder Sherry Faller having lived in Shanghai, China for 12 years, she understood rich traditions of the Chinese culture and the beauty of the Qipaos.

With this, she reinterpreted today’s essential face mask into a stunning accessory. From peony flower prints to intricate Chinese-print patterns, all protective masks are crafted from the finest quality silks evoking the raw beauty of femininity.


One of the leading local brands that have been highlighting the beautiful weaved fabrics of the Philippines is Kaayo. For several years now, they have been creating exquisite blouses, dresses, and even ternos featuring diverse tribal patterns. And this time, they’ve already ventured into creating face masks such as this limited edition hand-beaded Tboli masks.

Mak Tumang

Ever since Catriona Gray won the Miss Universe crown, Mak Tumang has been a household name in the local fashion scene. He has created the majority of the gowns of Catriona—from her international engagements, red carpet looks, to her homecoming parade. So, if you’re a fan of Catriona’s famed lava walk, then the lava mask set is perfect for you.

Jaz Cerezo

Jaz Cerezo has always been producing such sophisticated collections one runway show after another. And she understood the struggle of living in the midst of a pandemic, she started launched her newest baby: Jaz Skins. It’s a collection of face masks in various animal prints and suede fabrics.

Rhett Eala

If you’re a fan of textures and prints, then Rhett Eala may have the best option for you. In almost every piece that he creates, you’ll notice the intricate embroideries and embellishments adorning his creations as well as various patterns and prints. So, for his face masks, he still chose to feature various prints and luxe fabrics such as tweed.

Ann Ong

With international recognition and constantly being featured in various fashion publications, Ann Ong has been one of the notable Filipino jewelry designers. Her ingenuity and brilliant creativeness never fail to push her to produce uniquely beautiful pieces. So, as she explored making face masks, Ann Ong made it a point to showcase yet again her impeccable artistry.

Lally Dizon

Bag designer Lally Dizon has been making one of the best bags in the local industry using exotic skins—from snake skins to crocs. And such skins just never fail to exude such elegance as you tote them. This time around, she has also created face masks in exotic skins with soft lambskin lining for comfortability when wearing it.

John Herrera

Whenever you’re at a John Herrera fashion show, we always expect to see another beguiling neoprene creation. Time and time again, he always makes sure to captivate the crowd with how he manipulates and redefines the use of such gorgeous fabric. So, for his face masks, he also made a topstitched mask in neoprene.

Mark Bumgarner

After being able to provide around 2500 PPEs to our front-liners battling COVID-19, Mark Bumgarner thought of starting The Armor Project. It’s an initiative for the brand and the people behind the studio to support our beloved industry while showing resilience and adapting to the new normal. But apart from protective gear, he also created face masks in various chic prints and patterns.

Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff has always been known for her feminine and romantic aesthetics when designing. So when she designed her own rendition of face masks, we were once more captivated by its elegance. Vania’s face masks are all made of silk where you can easily insert your surgical mask in between to have that additional protection when you go out in public.