Where To Get This Season’s Must-Haves That Promote Sustainable Fashion

Looks like we are at the dawn of a new era in the world of fashion as more and more brands are prioritizing sustainable fashion.

As the world slowly changes, adapting to the new norm, so does the fashion industry. And this year, we’re seeing a handful more labels who are starting to venture into sustainable fashion. In the previous years, we’ve witnessed fast-fashion giants such as H&M and Levi’s who have launched their own initiatives of promoting sustainability.

Fortunately, these types of corporations understand that having a circular business model is the only way to go in order to save the planet Earth from further pollution. By reusing and recycling old clothes, they may be able to slowly decrease the waste and close the fashion loop.

With this ever-growing necessity in the industry, we’ve noted some new efforts of fast-fashion labels who are following suit to the so-called sustainable terrain. And as a new season starts, bidding farewell to summer, let’s welcome this season with a new mindset of being more conscious of the clothes we buy. Here are three brands where you can get first dibs on this season’s must-haves.


Launching their first-ever sustainable collection, Zalora Basics label in collaboration with TENCEL fibers offer 44 styles—from tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits to hijab, as well as turbans. The fabric they use originated from renewable raw material wood and are certified compostable and biodegradable, thus able to fully revert back to nature. 

According to Zalora’s CEO Giulio Xiloyannis, “we are committed to promote sustainability in the region and to shape a sustainable fashion ecosystem. We strive to offer our customers a large choice of sustainable fashion, in hopes of educating and inspiring more conscious fashion consumption.”

Plains & Prints

Plains and Prints recently unveiled their latest collection titled, Pamana. Having seen the need for a more united Philippines in the midst of the pandemic, the homegrown fast-fashion label sought to put the nation’s icons and symbols front and center. According to its founder Roxanne Farillas, “clothing is part of our identity and utilizing it to showcase our unity is symbolic of our desire to be connected not just with our past but to move forward in these extraordinary times.”

With this said, the label sees its Pamana collection as not just a piece of clothing, but an heirloom that can be passed on to the next generation because it’s all about keeping your heritage intact. After all, there’s really nothing wrong with hand-me-downs, especially if it’s made in high-quality materials like what Plains and Prints use. Plus, vintage clothing is dominating the world of sustainable fashion as of the moment, so why not?


Áraw is one of the first few local brands that has pioneered a sustainable swimwear line. But they’re not only enclosed with just swimwear as they have been known for their premium linen clothing, too. This season, the local brand reveals a new collection titled, Homescape.

Drawing inspiration from the phrase “sa dako paroon,” which loosely translates to somewhere down the road, the collection alludes to a time and place that allows for coming together elsewhere once again. Just think of it as a virtual escape from the dreary weather and current climate of our times. That’s why the collection is primarily dominated by brighter and more festive hues alongside abel textiles, as a support to the growing popularity of the Binakol weave.

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