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When Your Vote Is Not Personal, But A Public Act

When Your Vote Is Not Personal, But A Public Act

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In this crucial time when the prospect of good governance is in our hands, our vote should have a touch of sacrifice

Since the beginning of pandemic, a lot of people lost their livelihoods, affected their health, and some even lost their loved ones. According to the Nikkei’s latest COVID-19 recovery index, Philippines ranks last out of 121 countries. Is it still a natural calamity when the world (slowly) recovering, but our country remains on the brink?

None of us can probably bear to live yet another year being deprived of some sense if normalcy. While we cannot blame the government for a global pandemic, they are the ones responsible for a logical solution that has the Filipinos’ well-being (which includes their health and financial stability) in mind. Over 60 million of our countrymen registered as voters for the 2022 Philippine elections, proof of that we are looking to our leaders to help us out of this dire situation.

To achieve that, Filipinos should stand united in that desire, the question is what is your desire? In this coming elections, let us examine ourselves in our motives in choosing our leaders. For whom are you voting? It’s “for whom,” not “who you will vote for,” because the choice between presidential candidates isn’t like choosing your bet in a beauty pageant. Your choice would affect not only your present and future, but those around you as well. Is voting a personal choice or are we doing it for everyone’s benefit?

Personal choice

Voting is both a right and a privilege, but the after effects of that personal choice would also have an impact on those around you. It is our right as people in a democratic country, but also a privilege since not all people have an access to this freedom to choose. Since it’s this valuable, practicing this right should be handled with utmost care and wisdom, because the aftermath of your choice will not only affect your own bubble, or neighborhood, but every single Filipino. Above it being a right and a privilege, voting is a responsibility.

Touch of sacrifice

Look at the younger ones these days who can’t even go to school or can’t even go out to play, while the other kids in other foreign countries start to lead normal lives. It’s quite heartbreaking to think that it’s actually possible for us to be like that as well if only our COVID-19 response was handled properly.

Photo from World Vision.

Practicing our right to vote should be done out of pure intentions, and a little sacrifice by setting aside what would benefit ourselves first, but what would benefit the general public first and foremost, because your choice for them would benefit you too. Your loyalty shouldn’t be in your regions nor your personal gain. Your vote isn’t just about you and your family, but also for the younger ones who cannot choose the future they deserve.


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