What We're Expecting To See If Phoebe Philo Starts Her Own Label
What We’re Expecting To See If Phoebe Philo Starts Her Own Label

What We’re Expecting To See If Phoebe Philo Starts Her Own Label

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There’s no hearsay quite like a fashion-related one. With rumors spreading like wildfire that Phoebe Philo will be starting her own label, here’s what we’re looking forward to her potential collection.

Here’s a matter-of-fact, a gospel of fashion truth: There is no greater impact of recent memory than that of Phoebe Philo’s work in Céline. When she took over the maison in 2008, reinventing what women aspired to wear and become, the storied luxury brand skyrocketed to become a hit, deservedly being the much-talked label every season.

One magnificent, brilliant collection after another, she has successfully cemented her cult status and garnered a zealous following who called themselves as the “Philophiles.” However, when she exited Céline after a decade-long tenure, it spiraled into a serious effect on the business of fashion, and more importantly, of the woman.

Once Hedi Slimane took over and re-dubbed it as Celine—sans accent aigu—former fans of the brand was understandably frowned upon its new direction, further digging a divide in what had already become a divisive stance on the appointment. To no surprise at all, this prompted staunch Philophiles to reserve their money, promising to spend it only when Phoebe is once more back in the fashion spotlight. (For a thorough archive of the brand under this helm, a dedicated, albeit now-private Instagram account that goes by the handle, @oldceline, documents Céline in its heyday.)

Fortunately for us fans, whispers are circulating around the fashion industry that she will be returning to the fashion scene have become full on audible conversations. It’s either she’ll start her own brand with an eco-angle, or take a role at fashion house Azzedine Alaïa. At the end of it all, the question that remains is: Will she or will she not?

With these new speculations, we can’t deny our excitement for what’s next for Phoebe Philo. As she has always been famed for putting the woman as the focal point of her collections, we are expecting to witness her very own take with a much resonating aesthetic of what a Phoebe Philo woman is.

Basing off from her previous stints as creative director for luxury brands like Chloé (2001-2006) and Céline (2008-2018), we’re highly anticipating her comeback by keeping her minimalist aesthetic and clean lines intact as she presents her first own collection. And, of course, we still desire to relive her designs in tonal colors that are reflective of her ultra-chic, naturally sublime taste in fashion, no less.

However, what we really want to learn is which silhouette would she put emphasis on in order to shed light on a different facet of femininity for the modern woman? More than anything, what we really want is to live once more in her own elegant, contemporary world of style, and most importantly, be garbed like how a true woman of tomorrow would dress.

But then again, these are all assumptions and imaginations running wild. For now, we’re only crossing our fingers hoping to witness how she would unfold her great plans and mesmerize us all just like before. After all, the Philophiles are there to back her up—ready to spend their reserved hard-earned bucks just for her. If she hears us out, for the love of fashion, please come back, Phoebe. Please.

Additional text by Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena