What Luxury Jewelry Pieces You Should Invest From The LVNA App
What Luxury Jewelry Pieces You Should  Invest On From The LVNA E-Commerce App

What Luxury Jewelry Pieces You Should Invest On From The LVNA E-Commerce App

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After LVNA’s new branch openings around the country, We talk to LVNA’s founder Drake Dustin Ibay on their expansion plans in the world of luxury e-commerce.

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When we talk LVNA by Drake Dustin, we see an effective business model that allowed the brand to skyrocket within a few years. From branch openings from north to south of Metro Manila and soon to open in Cavite and Davao, LVNA has always valued the importance of a physical store. But as Drake Dustin would put it, tech and the digital marketing is just as important. Besides, LVNA started as an Instagram store. Digital is in the DNA of LVNA. That is why LVNA launched a new and revamped website as well as an e-commerce app that would make it easier for customers to buy their next big luxury jewelry purchase. We talk to Drake Dustin on his brand’s digital expansion and where he plans to take it:

MEGA: Why go digital for a luxury jewelry brand?

Drake Dustin Ibay: I’ve seen the opportunity of this platform way before we had our stores. It gave us the chance to showcase and slowly introduce our brand to the jewelry consumer online.

Aside from the growing popularity of e-commerce, especially during this pandemic, I see this as a stepping stone to not only offer to LVNA jewelry investments here in the Philippines but also to the world. That is the power I see with e-commerce, you can get to anyone as far as the internet can reach and strengthening our digital presence can help us achieve that goal of becoming a global brand.

M: Can you share how the app and website came about?

DDI: To be honest, we’ve been meaning to upgrade our online system way back, but we always put the idea aside to focus in opening more stores. But this pandemic came about and thus forced us to revisit our e-commerce plan. Surprisingly we were thriving via sales on Instagram and Facebook during the hard lockdowns. And so we decided that it is of ours and our clientele’s best interest to launch a platform where our clients can easily purchase with ease and something that didn’t need that much work from our team so that they can focus with the stores. Now we have the LVNA app and the new website. It solved our problems.

M: Do you ship internationally?

DDI: Yes we do ship anywhere in the world via our partner for global shipping FedEx.

M: What is your vision of LVNA digitally in the next 5-10 yrs?

DDI: I want to see LVNA as a global brand and to be recognized internationally. I see LVNA as one of the leading e-commerce retailer of fine diamond jewelry investments. It would be a great feat, but I believe it is not impossible to achieve.

M: 5 items you should buy first on the app/website.

DDI: If I was at the other end of the line, I would purchase and go for a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet & a ring. It’s best to have a complete set when you’re starting to invest in fine jewelry, and if you had a spare and ready to splurge big, my fifth purchase would be a rare piece!

These are the client’s top picks from these categories:

In Photo: Heart on Fire Diamond Necklace; 1.5ct Face Round Diamond Stud; 7″ Diamond Tennis Bracelet 18kt; Emerald Half Eternity Diamond Ring; 1.5ct Cognac Red Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring