What Is It That Sets Issa Pressman Apart?

We love a good It Girl but when you spot one with hair that is one-part platinum blonde and the other raven black, we do a good ol’ tap back on that Instagram Story. Yet Issa Pressman’s hair isn’t the most eye-catching thing about her—in fact, everything about her demands a second glance, and a third, and fourth. Her style is fresh, edgy, and almost always evolving. It’s trendy but definitely not in the mainstream. The influencer/painter/illustrator/makeup artist is the consummate creative and a powerhouse style star to boot. More significantly, Pressman is a personality who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and live her life as she wants, which is exactly what she did when she came out with her girlfriend this year. Her candor and refreshing take on celebrity, not to mention her unique fashion sense, has earned her an online MEGA cover and the hearts of many.

Before making a career as a digital creative, Pressman was into acting and was then following her older sister, Yassi’s footsteps right into the glitzy world of showbiz. Her natural talent and ebullient personality made her stand out and she soon found herself in several successful shows. Things were going well until she was made to stay in within the mold of the primetime sweethearts, to be more “likeable.” Pressman, ever the free spirit, broke it off and decided to pursue a career that allowed her to be herself, unhindered by box office quotas and other numbers.

“I remember there was a period that I could not do what I wanted with my style and my fashion because of my management at that time in show business,” she says. “You have to stick to a certain look that is likeable. I wanted to focus more on being myself through social media. It was my way of doing so. I proved to them that if I just become myself, I get to express myself better and I get to deliver better.”

As of writing this she has more than 270,000 followers on Instagram, many of which are properly engaged. Pressman often jets to different countries and collaborates with various brands. She may have stepped out of mainstream spotlight, but Pressman is doing just fine.

Pressman speaks confidently when asked about everything under the sun. Her openness and original aesthetic extends to her beauty philosophy. An in-demand face—influencer if you must—for many brands, Pressman defies norms as easily as she might slick on gloss.

She likes to stand by the Dita Von Teese quote “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” This independent artist maintains her perspective on how to go about being honest and non-conforming.

Pressman’s preference for skincare and makeup are the brands we see frequently on social media. She uses Origins, CosRX, Burts Bees, and Glossier. On a casual day, Issa does a natural look, briskly applying earth tones and muted colors as seen on her makeup routine posted online. As for her hair, she says: “I cannot stand keeping the same look. I usually change it up after two to three months.”

When it comes to skincare, Issa takes a simple yet effective primping routine. In the morning, she washes her face with water followed by a spritz of face mist for an added layer of freshness and to keep her skin supple. She then applies a Neutrogena moisturizer to prime her skin.  After that, it’s a Cool Girl makeup routine all the way: “I just use my balm, Glossier Cloud Paint for lip and cheek, clear eyebrow gel, sometimes my Glossier highlighter, and then any mascara that does not smudge.”

This routine is mind bogglingly painless and pairs easily with her personality, easy-going and laid back. Her natural glow may just be from her disposition but we like to think cosmetics play a role too.

Saying she is more than just a pretty face is a complete understatement. Her authenticity has layers and layers of bright white talent that can make even the most cynical of people nod in agreement. Pressman is young and still on the rise. She’s already achieved so much in her young life, but we have no doubt there’s still more to come. We’ll keep on watching, as everyone else.

By Patricia Epilepsia
Photography by Yukie Sarto of Studio100
Art direction by Shaira Bungcag
Sittings editor by Marella Ricketts
Makeup by Jason Delos Reyes
Hair by Jof Fantone of The Color Bar


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