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New Perspective: What is Essential in Beauty?

New Perspective: What is Essential in Beauty?

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In a time of a crisis where the difference between a want and a need is prioritized, the “essential” in beauty is underlined.

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Essentials. Currently, one of the most used words in the world today, when we pertain to food, medicine, and disinfectant sprays, it has definitely taken on a more focused meaning as of late. Today, leaving the house is only meant for purchasing the necessary. This means going to the grocery store to stock up on food, not shopping at your nearby mall because you ran out of facial serum.

Similar to many, even if I love all things beauty, such as wearing a different make-up look each day and trying out new skincare products, it was the last thing on my mind to take the effort and do a 10-step skincare routine when we are facing a pandemic. In a time of a crisis where a priority is the difference between a want and a need, it underlines the meaning of how beauty isn’t only about vanity. The essential in beauty is that it’s an experience, a community, and a way of life.

Beauty is an experience


The first weeks of quarantine were filled with confusion and frustration. My normal daily routine was no longer applicable. I no longer needed to brush my hair when I’ll just be sitting in front of the computer all day. I felt sluggish, irritated, and unlike myself. But one morning before starting my day, I decided to take my time and bring out the makeup bag.

Zoning out for a few minutes to dust on some blush and swipe on a lip gloss—I instantly started to feel better. I realized beauty allows me to feel good and cared for. Beauty means taking time out of the day to focus on yourself.

Beauty is a community

Creativity and self-expression are the core of what beauty is. Different make-up trends came to the fore like the graphic eyeliner look that people use to express themselves through when wearing a mask. Beauty lovers alike posted their quarantine self-care routines to encourage everyone to nourish themselves. Virtual exercise sessions with friends helps us stay connected and fit during the quarantine.

The beauty community has always been about helping one another feel empowered and safe—and this time is no different.

Beauty is a way of life

Beauty routines help give back the sense of normalcy that we are lacking these days. Now, certain products hold different, more elevated meanings. I wear a red lip whenever I need to manifest my inner girl boss, lather on a coconut scent lotion when I want to relax and reminisce about the days I spent on a beach, or even spray on a perfume that I wore on the first date with my partner to feel secure. Beauty can be that reminder of the brighter and better side of life. 

See, I’m not saying add an eyeshadow palette to your next errands list. But what I’m saying is that the essential of beauty is that it helps ground us and give us that sense of comfort we all need during a difficult time.