We’re Totally Keeping It Real With These Next To Nude Additions To Our Makeup Kit
We’re Totally Keeping It Real With These Next To Nude Additions To Our Makeup Kit

We’re Totally Keeping It Real With These Next To Nude Additions To Our Makeup Kit

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It’s time to get intimate with the skin you’re in and uncover a newfound and deep-seated appreciation for nude beauty that is equal parts makeup and confidence.

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Judging by much of life we’ve been seeing from the mid-section up on our screens, it’s safe to say that there now exists a growing comfort for the skin we are in. Look, we’re pretty sure there is a considerable amount of exposure from where our eyes don’t see, which the second the virtual meeting adjourns or the social media timeline runs it course compels an ease into the relief of intimacy. Whether it be roomy sweats or an indulgent pair of silky-smooth satin shorts, much of our time in quarantine has been all about keeping it real, which naturally lends itself well to a penchant for barely there beauty. Even in a state of stupor induced by the pandemic, makeup has in fact played an important role in anchoring us in quite the turbulent of times—that and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look good?

This isn’t to say that there is a need to skip the spectrum of colors entirely, especially since a pop of Pantone is all but welcome in a time when gloom and glum is constantly hovering over our cumulative realities. But you have to admit, nothing is quite appealing than steering the course to something more natural and nude. This isn’t meant literally, of course, although you are most welcome to indulge. What we’re trying to say is that nothing spells confidence than taking inspiration from the natural color of the skin. Heck, others have taken quite the liberty with it and turned into moneymaking makeup empires. Effortless and flawless in appearance, it carries with an innate grace that shifts the illusion from perfection to precision.

So, when all else fails, the definitive nude makeup look lends itself well to days that are a blur of Zoom hangouts, working-from-home, and raking through understandable bouts of anxiety, as an enhanced go-to. Trust us, it might not seem much, but the single-toned scheme does help prop you up for the rest of the day with a lifted mood and spirit that simmers in self-assurance. It doesn’t require much, too. Whether it be a seamless swipe of foundation, a deepening of contour, and a warmth of blush, going next to nude traipses along beauty and before you know it, closes in on a baring of truth that is both literal and figurative.

In the following round up, we exercise an exploration of the nude with a few new additions to our makeup kit that is set to define what is the only acceptable take on a neutral stance.


If you are anything like us, then your to-do list over the continuing course of this crisis has been multiplying itself exponentially at every blink of an eye. Just as soon as you tick off box, another one appears giving you much to do in the time that you have. This isn’t a complaint by any means, especially since there is a point of privilege we all enjoy being able to accord ourselves the ability to get distracted, congruent to the many efforts of efficiency we while ourselves with. But it shouldn’t be all work and no play, right? With a pick-me-up in order, you will want to scoot on over to the To Dew List, a play of words that is as hardworking as the daily deliverables that you are swamped with.

A curated collection of cult-favorite products from Nars, this made-for-the-skin moment was called on to, as the name suggests, unveil a incandescent kind of glow. With a lot of familiar must-haves from its line of lust-worthy portfolio, the paragon edgy and electrifying expression brings on the heat with the scintillating Bronzing Collection (Bronzing Powder, Powerchrome Loose Eye Pigments, Oil-Infused Lip-Tints, the enigmatic Cool Crush Collection (Cool Crush Eyeshadow Palette, Hot Fix Cheek Palette, Loaded Lip Lacquer), and the high-impact Powerchrome Loose Eye Pigments (Slam, Stricken, Shock ‘Em, Hammerd, Riding High, Naked City). But its most glistening import for this union of unique updates is the Tinted Glow Booster (Kalvoya, Simos, Tangsi, Barbuda), a customized complexion enhancer that is something of a BB cream, moisturizer, highlighter hybrid that promises long-term skin benefits beneath its alluring glow and that Instagram-ready soft-focus effect. Lightweight and layerable, this flask of liquid courage brightens and illuminates as worn under a foundation, which extends the wear of makeup for up to 16 hours. With its Hydraglow Complex and skin-tone colored pearls, the term lit from within becomes all too real, making that nude look you were working for all the more luscious and lustrous.

Forget the spark or the light, because all that is necessary is this To Dew List to pack all the heat needed to seduce, smolder, and sizzle—summer be damned.

Get to know the To Dew List set intimately on Friday, July 16, 2020, with an Instagram Live session on @ssilifeph featuring Gabs Gibbs and chief makeup artist, Tamara Pineda.



Charming and charismatic, listening to celebrity makeup artist and the visionary behind beauty brand, Teviant, Albert Kurniawan talk is nothing short of compelling. Whether it be talking about the current pandemic favorite, sushi bake, or all things beauty, there is that magnetic appeal to his candor, which makes it surprising to learn that he is just like us in the midst of the healthcare crisis, a bundle of anxious energy contained in isolation. “As makeup artists, we are greatly affected by COVID-19. Personally, I had 78 brides cancel on me, asking for refunds, which is understandable, of course,” he reveals. “For a time I was so sad and depressed, but I said, why don’t I use this time to help people make them look and feel good?” This is where it hit him to make wise of all the time he suddenly by holding online classes and tutorials on social media and YouTube to keep educating people and to share his knowledge about makeup. “I would have anxiety attacks,” he shares candidly. “I’m sure a lot of women feels the same. So, by holding classes everyday, it makes people busy, gives hope, and makes them feel good about themselves.”

In a Zoom hangout session held recently, Albert Kurniawan sat down with beauty aficionados, editors, and personalities for a no-holds-barred catch-up over pro tips, new normal makeup tricks, and imaginary cocktails. With a focused attention on the eyes, taking into account the need to wear a mask when heading out when absolutely necessary, Kurniawan walked everyone through the essentials with various nude-toned water-, sweat-, and oil-proof products: perfectly groomed brows (Eyebrow Tint in She, Eyebrow Duo in Empress, Eyebrow Gel in Miss), decadently defined eyes (Eye Pencil in Mavourneen, Liquid Eyeliner in Colleen, Eyeshadow Palette in Amore), fanned out lashes (Mascara in Mon Cheri), and perfectly pouted lips (Lip Spell Lipstick in Queen Peach). Even for the most makeup-obsessed there was a lot to learn from the Teviant head honcho, which is why it is a delight to share that the brand is offering a one-on-one session with Albert Kurniawan himself. All you have to do is to incur a minimum spend of P5000 on the Teviant website up until the end of July for a chance to learn from the master himself. We would head on over quick, because we here classes are stacking up. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

“It’s okay to feel good and look good again, especially when we go out,” he wistfully shares, noting how fear and paranoia has taken over the lives of many. This is something he reiterates all throughout the session, assuring people that it is not selfish to want a little self-care and indulgence of beauty even at a time like this. Think of it this way, you not only get a little makeup moment, you also get to arm yourself with skills and knowledge that can further ease your hesitations. “It’s good to have knowledge on putting on makeup, especially if you feel afraid for someone else to touch your face,” he says matter-of-factly. Say no more. Consider us convinced and quite frankly eager for more lessons—stat.


Whoever insists that makeup in the nude is basic, well, you might want to look in the mirror, because we have news for you: you’re highly unimaginative. A most versatile and dynamic range of shades and tones, the neutral scope of colors have all the possibilities in the world, and for a season that flirts with a lot of the somber, there is a proposition that is set to breathe a fresh life to the typically subdued. In a transparent manifestation of self-expression, MAC Cosmetics is opening our eyes and broadening our minds to the potential of natural beauty. Far from being pared down, there is plenty to pore over with the latest Loud And Clear collection, a transformative exposition of sheer textures and true-to-you shades that are executed sharply and with extreme saturation.

Daring as nude can be, the skin-like selection opens up like a perpetual springtime with a range that prides itself with sunbaked browns, creamy camels, and delicious apricot. Housed in an appealing frosted packaging, it doesn’t take itself too seriously with poke-at-fun shade names such as Lipsticks in Yash, Sugar Dada, Baroque The Internet; Lipglasses in Voyeur Is Me and Deco-A-Go-Go; Eyeshadows in Keep Stijl, Trompe L’ol, Bougie Babe; and Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Hot Damn-oiselle D’Avignon. Universally flattering, this bold new take on the au naturel category is enough to play with fantasies from a coy just-kissed lip or an all out monochromatic 80s moment. Clearly, this isn’t meant for your low-key expectations.


You know what they say; it’s all about that base when it comes to makeup. If the canvas isn’t up to par, you better kiss the rest of your intentions for a radiant beauty goodbye. And yes, we know what you’re thinking—it all starts with skincare, which is why the impeccable and indefatigable Tom Ford marries a skincare quality with the principle-building abilities in the Shade and Illuminate Foundation. Staying true to its credo of bringing out the individual face architecture, this latest and dare we say, highly indulgent release is that necessary indulgence that not only creates a perfect context, but it also captures and reflects light in a luminous, fade-resistant innovation.

Rendered in a whopping 40 shades, the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Foundation nourishes, protects, and enhances the skin with its infusion of hyaluronic acid, natural oils of copaiba, andiroba, açai, and noni fruit extract, as well as of a broad-spectrum SPF 50 to help shield the harmful effects of the sun. Highlighting the natural features through the use of light and symmetry, the medium to full coverage formulation comes in two variations: the liquid foundation and the highly popular cushion compact. Nothing says a closer to nude build than the latest pride and joy from the beauty line, which ultimately gives you that ultra-hydrated, well-rested, dewy look. If it’s an illuminating, otherworldly glow you want, look no further, because Mr. Ford is all about that base, too.