We Got A Sneak Peek Of Nadine Lustre’s Newest Lustrous Collection! Hint: It’s Astrology-Inspired

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With talks from the industry’s professionals to makeover and shopping booths, yesterday’s Lustrous Beauty Con proved to be a success. But just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Nadine Lustre, the brand’s face and Chief Creative Officer, drops another bomb: a new collection coming out soon!

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Set to come out this October on Nadine’s birthday, Lustrous’ second collection is quite different from the sunny and shimmery hues of its first one. Featuring stars and zodiac signs, the design of its teaser video hints that it has a lot to do with astrology. In addition to this, it was announced that we should expect 8 new shades of lipstick. Exciting! We can’t wait to see what Nadine, a Scorpio herself, has to say about the collection.

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See the video of the new Lustrous collection for yourself below: