We Found The Silk Mask That All The Influencers Are Wearing

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Face masks made out of silk are lightweight, breathable, and non-irritating. Plus, these particular ones look gorgeous.

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: face masks aren’t going away any time soon! Give it around five years till after the pandemic and maybe you can start throwing them away. Now is the time to invest in quality reusable masks. There’s no downside to them. They’re affordable investments, provide decent coverage, and usually come in chic designs like the ones found in Carlene Designs. We’ve spotted multiple influencers on the ‘Gram sport these life-saving accessories.

Trisha Lozano, Influencer

We tried them ourselves and we found them to be incredibly soft (they’re silk after all) and oh so comfortable to wear all day. We’ve received multiple complements each time we wear them—from cashiers to colleagues. We sought out the young designer behind the mask, Carlene Zervoulakos, to find out more about her designs and her hip young label.

Frances Beltran, Influencer

“I actually just started to make my own clothes because I got tired of looking for fashion pieces that didn’t even exist at that time, or at least none that I was aware of that fit my style,” says Zervoulakos. It’s safe to say that her silk masks fit the bill. At the time, silk mask producers would design them to be shaped like a regular mask. Instead of following suit, Zervoulakos opted for a pleated design with ruched ear loops.

Like many of Zervoulakos’ other designs, they were first worn by the strong CD community she has built over her three years in the business. It started out as a small time gig that her family and friends would support her on. As the number of pieces she produced grew, so did her following. Now, influencers are lining up to snatch a silk mask for themselves.

Bernadine, Influencer

In the near future, Zervoulakos will re-release her silk masks in a variety of new colourways. But first, she’s focusing on her latest campaign, Dress To Express, which was modeled by Miss Earth Philippines 2018, Celeste Cortesi. “Dress to Express is all about celebrating your individuality. The campaign showcases my customized CD pieces for evening wear or formal occasions. I worked with a very good friend and co-worker of mine, Mary Louise Daniel, who is also the brainchild of this campaign,” says Zervoulakos. The future is bright for this young label. We can’t wait to see what more Carlene Designs has in store for their faithful community and the rest of the world.

Creative Direction by MARY LOUISE DANIEL
Photography by JOSH TOLENTINO