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We Asked 5 Registered Voters About Their First Time Voting

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Elections are coming up! That means it’s time to get registered. Find out the real reasons why these voters went to the polls.

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We’ve got less than a month to register for the upcoming 2022 Presidential Elections. That means that we’ve got to put registration at the top of our priority list in the coming weeks. Whether it’s spreading the word about it or registering yourself, all of us could help change the course of the nation by voting. If there’s something bugging you about the current societal system, then don’t complain about it, do something about it— vote! It may not seem like a big deal now, but it could be the life changing event that ignite the patriotism in you. It was like that for these five individuals who decided to vote on the last elections that we had: Senatorial (2019) and Presidential (2016). Find out the reason why these individuals decided to exercise their right to vote.

“As a citizen of our beloved country, I felt the need to participate and involve myself in the community. The simplest but one of the most powerful ways to do that is to exercise my right to be heard. Despite the setbacks and hardships we experience as a nation, the hope for a better tomorrow shall never wane. I decided to vote because I care about the quality of life that our people deserve.” – Patrizia Garcia, Beauty Queen

“I decided to vote before primarily because when I studied in UP I was exposed to what was really happening in the country. Coming from a sheltered culture in high school, I really wasn’t aware of what was going on. Until I had to see with my own eyes that I finally had to voice out my opinions with regards to the future of the country.” – Jico Cruz, Entrepreneur and Athlete

“I decided to vote because I always wanted to. My family was always very active in politics and I even helped my tito campaign for counselor of our province back in 2010. I was finally 18 in 2016, so I was finally able to vote!” – Ryan Racela, Radio DJ

“In the last presidential election I felt the overwhelming need to act. As young citizens, we can sometimes feel as if we do not have any power over government issues although I was able to see the real importance of our vote. Everyone gets one vote regardless of status, gender, or involvement in government affairs and I knew I needed to make the most of that vote.” – Alexi Wassmer, Graphic Artist

“It is our responsibility to vote and I am a responsible citizen. One vote can make a difference. The people of any democratic country has the power that can ultimately affect the country. We should do our part and practice our rights to vote and make our opinions heard especially if we don’t like the way our country is governed. Voting is our chance to stand up. We are the future. Our voices must be heard.” – Della Lau, Entrepreneur

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