WATCH: Ylona Garcia And Vanessa Matsunaga Go Head To Head In A Foundation Face-Off

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The battle royale equivalent of makeup challenges is finally here! Turn your volume up and ready your ring lights as we take you up close and personal in a test of strength between millennials and centennials. Witness a cosmetic competition like no other and ready your makeup ammo as Vanessa Matsunaga from Team Gen Y takes on Ylona Garcia of Team Gen Z in an Estée Lauder Foundation Face-off.
The catch? The two teams are to do a makeup trend from their opposing generation. Hit play and watch Vanessa and Mitch perfect an Gen Z – Au Naturel Look while Ylona and Patricia slay the Gen Y – 90s Grunge Look.
Let the games begin!

Tell us whose team you’re on and find out more looks you can nail with Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation.