Watch Out KDramas! The Philippine Entertainment Industry Is Elevating Online

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Switched babies, rich vs. poor, and female rivalry is what we’ve known of the Filipino entertainment industry. Find out how this streaming platform is changing the game for everyone.

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The Filipino entertainment industry has been receiving heat for the past few weeks after being called out by Director Jose Javier Reyes. The renowned director compares Filipino TV plots with K-Drama storylines on social media, pointing out that the Philippines has been stuck on revising the same beloved stories or creating new stories that hold no true substance. The post received lots of praise online, which led to it becoming a viral success. Many Filipinos agree with the director’s sentiments and are hungry for a shake-up in the local entertainment scene. Little did everyone know, WeTV has already started cooking up ideas even before the call out was made.
Entertainment, WeTV
WeTV is an online streaming platform that could be found in multiple asian countries, such as: China, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and (now) the Philippines. They specialize in distributing films and television shows that hold a universal message for all types of viewers. In a recent press conference, the streaming platform has confirmed that they have acquired the distribution rights of Miracle in Cell No. 7, Masahista, Kahit Ayaw Mo Na, and other acclaimed films. Those who are subscribed to the site will be able to watch these films through desktop and mobile platforms.
Entertainment, WeTV
So, what does this mean for the Filipino entertainment industry? Like any other business, the film and television industry aims to generate profit for all those who have invested in the film. This is why there is a reoccurring theme in films and TV, because it has been tried and tested to generate a profit. If an indie film or an “experimental” film seeks to make this profit, then they would first have to risk showing their projects in movie theaters and the likes. Since everything is now online, it will give equal opportunity for mainstream productions and indie productions to make a profit.

In the press conference of WeTV’s launch, many A-list actors and actresses joined in on the fun to express their sense of relief. Like us, the veterans in the industry have had enough with the same storylines. In fact, most of those who have tried out indie films get into the production knowing it could more-or-less be considered a passion project. Therefore, many of these actors and actresses find the support of WeTV for their films to be a blessing for their artistic careers.