Want to Get Toned? Here Are 5 Ways Dakota Johnson Prepped Her Body for Fifty Shades Freed

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Need some tips for working on that beach bod? We can get a few pointers from actress Dakota Johnson, who recently had to prepare her body to play Ana once again in Fifty Shades Freed. Her trainer Ramona Braganza, whose celebrity clientele include Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale and Anne Hathaway, shares to Harper’s Bazaar the ways in which she achieved her toned body:

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1. Dakota worked on different moves every training session
“When you do the same exercises all the time, you begin to build muscle bulk,” shares Ramona, adding that they trained in different ways since their goal was to tone her muscles. Workouts for Dakota would include anything: dance-inspired moves, Pilates, kickboxing and yoga.

2. Her workouts weren’t as intense as you think
Since Dakota wasn’t too far from her body goals, the main goal was to keep Dakota moving for at least 30 minutes a day. “During the first few months of filming, we went more aggressive, but later on we cut back to just 30 minutes,” Ramona says.
3. An important training accessory for Dakota? Ankle weights 

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“During most workouts, we did lots of moves lying down wearing the ankle weights to raise the intensity,” Ramona says. The two also used other equipment such as light dumbbells (no heavier than eight pounds) a Pilates ring, and body weight.
4. She did most of her workouts in a trailer
Believe it or not, most of her workouts were done in a trailer so she could train on location. More than 50 feet long, the trailer had plenty of room for the exercises Dakota would do.
5. Food played a very important role

One’s diet shouldn’t be neglected, of course. Dakota worked with a chef for special meal-prep service for the duration of the project.”She arranged it with a chef in Vancouver, who made meals that included lean meats, quinoa, and vegetables. She was also big on juices. Once she found the way she liked to eat, she ate that way for months,” Ramona shares.