Kitten Heels Are The New Normal Shoe Of Choice
Kitten Heels Are The New Normal Shoe Of Choice

Kitten Heels Are The New Normal Shoe Of Choice

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Vania Romoff launches the latest addition to her Essentials capsule with minimalist kitten heels that embrace the simplicity and femininity of the modern woman.

One of the changes that came along with the stay-at-home protocols are the staples in my wardrobe. I was never one who chose comfort over fashion, but rather preferred the opposite, to be frank. However, with the time spent mostly at home, I found myself storing away my denim jeans, leather boots, and high heels that were normally my everyday go-to pieces. What compromises my wardrobe now are pieces that are minimal and fluid. Hence, items made with silk and cotton fabrics are now upfront.

A contrast to my usual edgier style, I have recently been fond of the softer side of my femininity. Who would want to walk around at home toppling and sweating over stilettos and sneakers anyway? As one who also isn’t fond of flats or slippers, I found my happy medium in low-rise heels. The simplistic heel accent that is away from the shoe extremes brings the comfort and style that I needed. Thus, upon hearing that Vania Romoff is releasing her footwear collection, I was overwhelmed with excitement.

The designer who quickly made a name for herself as the top choice for designs that embody the romantic, Vania Romoff knows her way around accentuating the beauty of a woman. Her tasteful ethereal designs in bridal fashion, custom evening wear, and ready-to-wear pieces are worn by many influential modern women today.

Romoff brings the same masterful local craftmanship to the latest addition in her Essentials collection: The Footwear Edit.

The timeless sandals feature a kitten heel with minimal straps and come in neutral colorways. Free from trends and excessive design, all of the pairs are made by local craftsmen with vegan leather. The minimalistic shoe is going to be the favorite pair for the season with its versatility and subtle attraction. Furthermore, the comfort level is unlike any other with its architectural shape that gracefully fits the shape of the foot. The straps add the right amount of elegance and sexiness to complement any woman and its basic shades make it stress-free to pair with any outfit and occasion.

The two styles namely are the Two Strap Sandal and Multi Strap Sandal. Both styles can elevate any look without risking comfort. The kitten heel has gone through several reputations, starting as the signature show of a growing young girl. Even so, the design took on a new image when many icons such as Audrey Hepburn and runway models started to wear it. From there on, kitten heels became the ideal pair for a powerful thriving woman.

Romoff was able to create the right silhouette with new proportions in her design. This makes her chic kitten heel the perfect on-the-go footwear. The pair ideal from running daily errands to glamming-up and having a celebration at home.

Shop the limited collection online at, in store or via the Personal Shopper Mobile Platform.