Vania Romoff Empowers Women Through Design

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“I always knew I wanted to dress women,” Vania Romoff explains of her designs. “I come from a family of designers so it was very natural for me to gravitate toward fashion.” Despite being steeped in the craft, breaking into the industry wasn’t painless, though, from an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like the designer’s career skyrocketed from the get-go. 

Design Talk

“Nothing for me was overnight,” she says. “People see an established local brand but I started out as a student selling dresses in bazaars and on my Facebook and Multiply pages.” She says she even worked from her nephew’s dormitory with the “one sewing machine that I owned from school.” Now that she finally has her “dream studio” and a “wonderful team,” she says that looking back at her humble beginnings “makes everything I have now more meaningful.”

Still, fashion insiders recognized her talent early on. Immediately after studying at SoFA Design Institute, she made it to esteemed lists of emerging fashion designers and became a regular part of the Philippine Fashion Week roster with her shows well- received season after season. Today, Vania Romoff’s designs are synonymous with femininity and romance, and an easy favorite of Manila’s A-listers including actresses Anne Curtis and Janine Gutierrez.

The Feminine Touch

Of course, the clothes themselves are highly covetable (how can one not feel beautiful in her dreamy silhouettes and fabrics?). But possibly, too, it’s the sentiment behind the dresses that hooks people. After more than a decade of dressing women, Vania’s purpose is clearer than ever: empowerment through clothes. 

“A Vania Romoff woman is every woman who is in touch with their femininity and finds strength and confidence in theirs,” she says. In clothes-speak, that manifests in puffed sleeves, tiered skirts, and, a crowd-favorite, oversized bow details.

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Creative Direction & Illustration: JANN PASCUA
Art Direction: NICOLE ALMERO
Fashion Direction: JEB FRONDA
Styling: LYN ALUMNO (for Vania), JEB FRONDA (for Rosenthal and Patty)
Makeup: XENG ZULUETA (for Vania), PONG NIU (for Rosenthal and Patty)
Hair: MONG AMADO (for Vania), JAN EDROSOLAN (for Rosenthal and Patty)