9 Ways You Can Send Valentine's Day Gifts To Your Loved One Online
Away For Valentine’s Day? Here Are 9 Ways You Can Send Gifts To Your Loved One Online

Away For Valentine’s Day? Here Are 9 Ways You Can Send Gifts To Your Loved One Online

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Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift delivery that can make up for your absence on this special day? Don’t worry, there are still different ways to make your partner feel loved even when you’re not around to celebrate with them.

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Being far away from your special someone on Valentine’s Day must be hard when you see people celebrating the day of love together. Seeing them exchange old-fashioned tokens, such as flowers, chocolates, and a candlelit dinner, you’ll wish you were next to your significant other too. But no matter what the circumstances that got you far away from your S.O. on Valentine’s Day, you can still make a grand gesture for them and show how much you care.

Send them something hopelessly romantic, like a special delivery of their favorite flowers, sweets, or even balloons. Listed below are shops online where you can have romantic gifts delivered on your partner’s doorstep on or before Valentine’s Day.

1. Flowerstore.ph

At Flowerstore.ph, you can order edible baskets, bouquets of flowers, teddy bears—you name it. Whether you want it super extra, like a truck full of flowers or something simple like a small box with a special gift, this is the go-to online shop for your Valentine’s Day plans.

2. Blooms by Agi

This shop can customize your bouquet of flowers or have it readily arranged for you. Blooms by Agi also offers crates of flowers with your favorite fruit, box of cookies, and unconventional flower arrangements.

3. Flora Vida by Marian

A special creation by Marian Rivera herself, this online shop creates one of the most sophisticated packaging for your flowers. Offering brightly colored roses, scented candles, and packaged flower arrangements, you can’t go wrong with Flora Vida.

4. Flower Chimp

From boxed blooms, budget bundles, to extravagant designs, Flower Chimp can surely wow your significant other. They have various collections to choose from, take your pick.

5. Island Rose

Freshly picked flowers from farms in the Philippines, Island Rose provides stunning blooms carefully cared for by unique florists. They offer good bundle deals, flower bouquets, gift packages for the sweet tooth, and more.

6. Ram Jewelry


Take your gift-giving to the next level and send them jewelry from Ram Jewelry. Show them how they bring sparkle to your life by sending them a necklace in the shape of their sun sign’s constellation, a ring that reminds you of them, or perhaps a bracelet that matches with yours.


Another gift that will get your partner gasping is balloons. With flowers, cake, a personal message, and a ton of balloons, the Instagram shop, BLLOONS, is the place to go to for your grand gesture.

8. Twentyfour Bakeshop

If your partner is a sweet-tooth or a strawberry-lover, Twentyfour Bakeshop has boxes of cookies you can avail for delivery. Their special flavor this Valentine’s Day (and the month-long of February) is Strawberries & Cream. The heart-shaped strawberry cookies are made with fresh strawberries from Baguio and Belgian white chocolate.

9. Boozy

Boozy is the number one liquor delivery in the Philippines. With its fast delivery, a wide range of liquor, and an easy payment process, you don’t have to stress to get your partner’s choice of poison for Valentine’s Day.


Which Valentine’s Day gift delivery are you getting for your partner?