This Is Not A Drill: Uniqlo Collaboration With Devil Wears Prada Is Out Now
This Is Not A Drill: The Uniqlo Collaboration With Devil Wears Prada Is Out Now

This Is Not A Drill: The Uniqlo Collaboration With Devil Wears Prada Is Out Now

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Even Miranda Priestly would say this collaboration With Devil Wears Prada is groundbreaking.

While 14 years have already passed, it seems like the hit movie Devil Wears Prada just happened yesterday. Ever since its fortuitous premiere, it has been a go-to classic for all fashionistas out there who wants to experience the life of a true style purveyor in publishing. From the fashion transformation and outfit changes of Andrea Sachs (played by Anne Hathaway) to the unbelievable gifts Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) gets from designer brands, it served as a microscopic look for thousands of enthusiasts of what it’s like to be in the fashion editorial industry.

But more than that, the zeitgeist hit of the new millennium proved that any woman can achieve anything with great perseverance and passion to overcome difficulties. So, perhaps that’s why Uniqlo saw it as one of the perfect movies to collaborate with for the first quarter this year.

Their campaign, called Women in Movies, celebrates movies featuring leading female characters who are strong-willed in order to pursue what they believe in. According to the brand, “we picked iconic scenes and quotes from those movies and incorporated them into our designs.” Come to think of it, Devil Wears Prada is definitely the movie where we’d get countless of witty quotes, memorable GIFs, and just a constant reminder that “I love my job.”

While you may find the front of this white tee simple, the fun is actually at the back. You have Andrea on the phone en route to meet Christian Thompson to impossibly get the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript. It’s finished off with Emily Blunt’s iconic mantra: “I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.”

Giving us a classic black and white film aesthetic, this black tee illustrates the night that totally changed the perspective of Miranda towards her assistant number 2. Finally, the last one for the Devil Wears Prada collab is a pastel pink pullover sweater. And upon wearing it, believe us when we say, everyone wants to be us. That’s all.


Other films that Uniqlo has featured for the Women in Movies campaign was with La La Land and Fabulous. Swipe below to see their other collabs.

Uniqlo’s Women In Movies Collection is out now in stores nationwide and online