Forget Starbucks, Here’s Where You Can Get The Ultimate Coffee Bar Experience

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While an honest-to-goodness coffee-holic can really compare and contrast every coffee blend, we just found the next go-to café for any certified coffee lover. 

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The moment you feel the need to get your daily dose of caffeine, you probably already know where to go. However, kick-starting your day with a good cup of coffee can’t always be at your usual. Change things up a bit and escalate it with a sip of your favorite coffee at what we feel could be your next pick-me-up spot—Common Folk Coffee Bar.


Common Folk doesn’t just promise to perk your mood with the rightful blend. It’s leveled up ambiance will surely make you want to stay for an hour or so, and even comeback the next day. Well, Northerners have got the advantage this time as Common Folk found it’s humble location at White Plains, Quezon City. Is this too much of a world away for you, you can have your coffee delivered right to your desk as Common Folk is available on Grab Food.


More than just a cup of Joe, Common Folk also offers appetizing plates to complete your experience. If you can never get enough of cheese, you should try their 4 Cheese Pizza (P200) and Say Cheese! (P280), which oozes with gooey layers of three kinds of cheese, served with tomato dip and chips on the side.

common folk common folk

Load yourselves with more wispy carbs as you order a rich and creamy plate of Truffle & Cheese Pasta (P300) and Grandma’s Spaghetti (P260), which is the all-time favorite classic sweet spaghetti with generous amount of ground beef, hotdog, and cheese. You may either go for some light and luscious pairings since Common Folk also serves delectable treats like brownies, pies, and cookies.

Stir your soul (and your cup) with the perfect aroma of their freshly brewed coffee. Whether hot or iced, coffee or tea, milk or chocolate, let the Common Folk baristas deliver the premium blend of your chosen beverage. If you’re quite conscious with the type of milk dripped on your drink, you can simply request for an almond milk replacement, too.

Common Folk Coffee Bar is located at Katipunan Ave, White Plains, Quezon City. For more information on Common Folk, you can visit @commonfolkph on Instagram.