Ultherapy In The Philippines Is The Anti-Aging Gold Standard

Ultherapy Philippines

Why is Ultherapy in the Philippines considered the best non-invasive, anti-aging procedure? An expert tells us how to tighten skin with this non-surgical alternative.

When we think about the future of beauty and technology, we often imagine what else we would do, what new treatments, devices or products can cut our routines in half. Then again, we don’t need to look further because the future is now. Case in point, Ultherapy by Merz Aesthetic, which is considered the gold standard in non-surgical, anti-aging procedures, tightening and firming skin like never before.  

In a nutshell, the non-invasive treatment for skin-tightening and -lifting goes deeper to stimulate your body’s collagen and elastin production, resulting in natural-looking, lifted visage without the downtime. The 90-minute procedure is designed to target the face, from the forehead down to the neck area, and optimum results are expected after three months.

Ultherapy Philippines

Dr. Jonathan Yu, a board-certified dermatologist with 22 years of clinical practice, counts Ultherapy as one of his mainstay treatments. “There are a lot of devices that use ultrasound, but you don’t see the layers of the skin that you’re targeting. Ultherapy is considered a gold standard because it’s the only device that uses visualization plus ultrasound,” explains Dr. Yu. 

Ideal candidates of Ultherapy in the Philippines are individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity, usually 35- to 50-year-olds. However, it doesn’t mean that Ultherapy cannot treat anybody younger or older. “It’s just that we to manage expectations for those patients,” adds Dr. Yu. The effectivity of this treatment also lies within the hands of your doctor. Merz Aesthetics’ trusted partner-doctors use the See, Plan, Treat protocol to ensure that your treatment plan is personalized according to your features.

Here’s to seeing the best you.

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