Uh Oh—Here Are 5 Common Eye Makeup Mistakes You Should Ditch Now!

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If our eyes truly are the windows to the soul, then whatever we pile on them should playfully hint to whatever we’re feeling that day. But what kind of messages would be give out if our techniques tend to be faulty?

Personally, applying eye makeup is my favorite part of my makeup routine, as I’ve always been drawn to their expressiveness. Feeling confident or seductive? Try a look with winged liner. Want something fun? Pile on one of this season’s hottest makeup trends—glitter! Lazy or in a rush? A little mascara does the trick.

With all these eye makeup and skincare products left and right, the best way to learn is through trial and error. Because we don’t always realize our mistakes, we’ve rounded up a few common ones to help make the lifelong journey to great eye makeup a lot smoother:

1. Putting on too much eyeshadow at the same time


Admit it—we all get excited over a new eyeshadow palette. While they typically have around 15 different shades, you’re not supposed to pile them all at once. Maybe 2-3 can be blended together in the day time, while others are more suitable for nights out. 

2. Ignoring your brows


Surely many of us know the importance of brows already. Filling them in naturally will automatically outline and give structure to your face. Having said this, it is best to start with brows before any other area in your eyes.

3. Not allowing your liquid eyeliner to set


To avoid getting liquid eyeliner all over your crease, then it is best to let it dry (and avoid blinking) for around a minute before applying anything else. 

4. Applying makeup in bad lighting


Some of us underestimate how important lighting is when applying makeup. Many in the beauty industry say that natural lighting is your best option, but for days when it isn’t possible, make sure that your applying makeup somewhere bright enough. When the light is too low, the tendency is to overdo things, and we don’t want that.

5. Not throwing out old mascara


If it has been around two months or if you find that your mascara is flaking, then maybe you should consider throwing out your beloved product. Your lashes will thank you!