Tried And Tested: Find Out Why This Cleaning Company Reminds Us Of A K-Drama On Netflix

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You can now have your living space cleaned in a matter of hours and reach a level of comfort just like how this K-drama series on Netflix does it. 

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If you’ve watched the K-Drama series Clean with Passion for Now on Netflix, then your familiar with the story of a germophobic CEO of a cleaning company, which has likely awakened your obsessive-compulsive disorder. For the most astute, any kind of unnecessary mess disables us to maximize our entire living space. It’s hectic, annoying, and worse, claustrophobic. After all, we’re supposed to live in a home where we can effortlessly find comfort. And, with the convenience of booking this local cleaning company, your house can be clean and organized in an instant.

As one of the most trusted cleaning service in the metro, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. offers an intensive cleaning methods according to your clutter. From their thousands of clients, which includes home-owners to a good list of influencers, celebrities, and businesses, Busy Bee Cleaning Co. is ranked a 5-star operating business providing a healthier and cleaner home. At the top of their services list is Vivenso, and as it comes as one of their highly suggested way of tidying up, we tried it ourselves.

With the use of Vivenso hydro vacuums, Busy Bee evidently transformed this condo unit to a cleaner and more organized abode. See the before and after, and compare it yourself. Busy Bee won’t miss every detail of your home, making sure almost every nook and cranny of your home gets an extensive routine of deep cleaning from sweeping, brooming, vacuuming of floors, wiping of areas to mattress and sheet vacuuming. Also, you can get a sent of your choice in their bathroom sanitation, aromatizing, and air purification, leaving no traces of dust mites behind.


Offering post construction services for people moving into a new home, Busy Bee is not limited to house cleaning. They also provide a wide scope of cleaning tasks to guarantee cleanliness without the left dirt or residue from the construction. With bacteria all over the room, we’re prone to flu, asthma, and allergies—arriving to our need for Anti-Bacterial treatment, which Busy Bee also specializes in.

If you’re staying at home this weekend, you might want to book Busy Bee and have your home generally cleaned to utter satisfaction.

Photos by Jemy Sta. Ana