Here's How to Cop These Runway Standard Hairstyles

TRESemmé’s Runway Ready show gave major hair inspirations you can easily achieve.

Believing that every woman should make the world her runway, TRESemmé collaborated with internationally-acclaimed designer Carl Jan Cruz to elevate this year’s TRESemmé Runway Ready #TheWorldIsMyRunway show. Aside from the Cruz’s stunning creations, TRESemmé brought together expert hairstylists Suyen Salazar, Lourd Ramos, and Victor Ortega to style the latest hair trends that complemented the runway looks.
A little unconventional from traditional fashion shows, the hairstylists took turns to demonstrate first how to create the hair looks before the models walked the runway. Each hairstylist reinterpreted different signature looks based from the recently-concluded New York Fashion Week. Here’s how you can effortlessly try them:

Pin and Go

Styled by Lourd Ramos, this hairstyle gives a whole new edge to wearing bobby pins. Pin and Go’s polished look definitely suits women who are always on the go.
How to achieve: Start with the perfect base. Shampoo with TRESemmé’s Ultimate Straight & Shine to get a runway-standard straight and shiny mane that is perfect for this sleek look. Tie your locks in a clean ponytail then place the bobby pins strategically yet stylishly on your loose strands to complete the look.

Twist and Turns

Victor Ortega’s hairstyle is flexible enough to be either romantic or sporty, depending on how you wear it.
How to achieve: Prep with TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth Shampoo to attain runway-like soft tresses. Plait a side-swept braid to finish the sweet look. If you prefer the sporty version, use TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Serum Conditioner for added moisture and to eliminate frizz. To get the style, easily twist a lock of your hair and secure it with a pin.

The Thread

The Thread is specially curated by Carl Jan Cruz together with Suyen Salazar. Salazar revealed that she took inspiration from Cruz and his contemporary yet mildly rugged collection.
How to achieve: Clean, healthy hair is important for this look according to Salazar. She personally loves TRESemmé’s Detox and Nourish Shampoo to achieve this. Enhance your locks’ shine with the Detox and Nourish Serum Conditioner. Begin by parting your hair in different sections. Grab a section and intertwine a narrow piece of fabric around it. Feel free to add more fabric as needed. Braid the fabric along with your hair until you attain your desired look.

You don’t need expensive hair treatments and salon appointments to have gorgeous locks. The new TRESemmé Range and Professional Series is designed to give you striking runway-standard hair with the help 8 precious oils. Slay every street and every corner as you turn the world into your runway with confidence from TRESemmé.
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