Travel Tips From Celebrity Instagrams That We Totally Miss Out On

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Take these travel tips from celebrity Instagrams and never miss out on anything for your trip!

Have you ever gone on a trip and felt like you’ve left something out of your itinerary? You can’t be the only one who feels that way. A lot of people completely miss out on a lot of spots and activities that make some trips not quite satisfactory. Never miss out on anything at your next destination by planning it right. Make the most out of your trips by remembering these travel tips we totally miss from celebrity Instagrams.

Visit A Movie Location

Travel Tips From Celebrity Instagrams That We Totally Miss Out On | MEGA
MY TRIP IS NOW COMPLETE. Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies of all time! Now time to go home and marry my very own William Thacker.  | Photo from @danibarretto

From the Bukit Pasoh Road in Singapore to the Tiffany & Co. flagship store at 727 Fifth Avenue,  there are a bunch of movie locations spread around the world. Your trip would never be complete if you haven’t visited a spot where a movie was shot. Take it from Dani Barretto, stopping by The Notting Hill Book Shop completed her London trip! Where was your favorite movie shot? Make sure to drop by and take a snap for a memento to keep.

Indulge On Local Specialties & Delicacies

Travel Tips From Celebrity Instagrams That We Totally Miss Out On | MEGA
I am so, so ready for this! #MahalKongSorsogon | Photo from @iamhearte

The most rewarding part of any trip is the food. Local specialties and delicacies will never taste the same if made elsewhere. So while you’re at it, dive in all the good food you can get! Traverse our very own localities just like Heart Evangelista-Escudero as she makes the most of her Sorsogon trip with a traditional boodle fight!

Discover Its History

Travel Tips From Celebrity Instagrams That We Totally Miss Out On | MEGA
Do you see that bridge over there? Did you know that the Rainbow Bridge connects two countries to each other? Here’s my gorgeous view over the Niagara River. On one end, you are standing in Ontario, Canada- then you walk to the other end & suddenly you’re in New York, USA. Oh, the feeling to be in two worlds at once! #KacecapadesTORONTO | Photo from @itskcconcepcion

To visit a historical landmark would always feel like a once in a lifetime moment. With a bunch of developments around the world, it’s not every day that you get to experience walking its floors and touching its walls. A place that once felt so far back in time is now right before your eyes. Are you going to let that moment pass? Take a pause and discover the history behind the places you go to. As KC Concepcion had sone in Niagara Falls as she discovers the Rainbow Bridge that connects New York and Canada. Who would have known you can be in two countries at once?!

Spot Great Architecture

There’s always something about a place with incredible architecture. Its beauty will completely immerse you in the experience of traveling. Going through buildings after buildings, structure after structure, you’ll realize that there’s more to a tourist destination than just bright lights loud roars of its nightlife. Just like in Barcelona, a city filled with its rich architectural scapes. Kim Jones went around the city not just in style but in appreciation of the city’s eclectic structures.

Appreciate The Wonders Of Nature

Travel Tips From Celebrity Instagrams That We Totally Miss Out On | MEGA
Find beauty in the most natural things | Photo from @coleen

Have you ever paused for a moment and just appreciate the natural beauty that’s around you? Our very own landscapes alone offer breathtaking views that’s hard to miss. From the heartrending sunrise to the stunning sunsets, through the vast darkest of nights enlightened by stars—there’s always something to backdrop the gorgeous shapes of eternal spring in our country. Snap a photo for yours to keep, just like Coleen Garcia.

Immerse On Local Activities

Travel Tips From Celebrity Instagrams That We Totally Miss Out On | MEGA
One of the best things about traveling is meeting new people, getting to know their way of living and their cultures. | Photo from @juliabarretto

What’s traveling if not experiencing a place’s culture? Meeting locals can give you life-changing experiences that will help you heal your soul from all the stress the city life can give. Not to mention, you can always learn something new with them. Take it from Julia Barretto who didn’t only travel to Machu Picchu but also converse and learned from the locals, from their way of living to their music.