Top 10 Best Local Streetwear Looks in the Past Week
Top 10 Best Local Streetwear Looks in the Past Week

Top 10 Best Local Streetwear Looks in the Past Week

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Have you got the drip? Check out these 10 best streetwear looks of the week from your favorite influencers and celebrities

Streetwear is definitely not dead. We may have new aesthetics taking over, such as the resurgence of prep and grunge, but streetwear continues to live on. This time around, your favorite influencers and celebrities are adding a few new styling elements to their looks. This week, we’re faced with looks from the Nike Air Force 1 40th anniversary in Manila and collaborations with Japanese streetwear brand, Bape. Aside from this, you also have local drops in the city. Brands like Fortune WWD and Don’t Blame The Kids are coming out with new merchandise and partnerships. It was an exciting week for the streetwear community, so without further ado, here are the top 10 best local streetwear looks of the week. 

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Rhea Bue 

The Y2k movement is still very much on the rise. Instead of low waist jeans, Rhea Bue opted for a low waist maxi skirt paired with a graphic moto jacket, and a statement t-shirt. Of course, she accessorized the look up with futuristic sunnies and a bejeweled heart-shaped belt.  

Al James

Reppin’ his newest designs, Al James gave a first look to his collaboration with DBTK a.k.a. Don’t Blame The Kids. The outfit features a two-piece denim suit with logomania prints showcasing a new iteration of the DBTK logo. He paired this look with a Gucci belt and his iced bling. 

Nika Higashionna

It’s influencer Nika Higashionna’s turn to take on the reins as she is the most recent Filipino to partner with Bape. She poses in multiple photos showcasing the newest line of the renowned Japanese streetwear brand. 

Edrey Paul

A lot went on with the Nike community this week. Edrey Paul joins in on the fun by taking some cool pictures at Nike’s invisible wall during their 40th anniversary party celebrating the Nike Air Force 1s. He wore a colorful retro-inspired outfit with his fresh new AF1s. 

Gela Muñoz

In attendance for the Nike Air Force 1 anniversary party is stylist and influencer Gela Muñoz. She poses in front of a photo wall wearing khaki jeans decorated with chains, and paired it with a Nike sports bra and neon orange bolero. 

Millen Gela 

Videographer Millen Gela a.k.a. FilmbyLen is no stranger to streetwear. Aside from shooting multiple streetwear campaigns, he also dresses in the fashion during his down time. He wears a Stussy teddy jacket with a matching Stussy cap. He completes the look with a pair of Aimé Leon Dore sneakers.

Rachelle Ruth

No one can do cute-in-streetwear much like Rachelle Ruth. In this week’s look, she pairs dark cargo pants with a Diesel top and a pair of Panda dunks. The secret to her look? The fresh-of-the-runway Diesel bag in a chromatic silver colorway. 

Marc Josh Veloso

What’s better than matching with your dog for your OOTD? Marc Josh Veloso, founder of streetwear community The Third World, poses in a coordinated purple look. He matches with his dog by letting his pooch wear a purple harness.

Lyca Accad

You can expect much from designer and model Lyca Accad. She stars in Don’t Blame The Kids’ newest campaign donning Kids station and Hibana cuban polos. She is styled by Jana Silao in a shorts-over-pants moment, complete with futuristic glasses and gloves. 


Artist and producer LONER sure knows how to elevate an all-black look. He poses in the newest campaign photos of Fortune WWD. He wears a full Fortune WWD look for the release party as well. He headlines the event with Duality and Curtismith on the first day.