The Toothpaste Ingredient You Never Knew You Needed

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Before your elaborate skincare and makeup routine comes basic hygiene, of course. Brushing your teeth certainly sounds like the simplest thing on the planet, but there is also one ingredient to watch out for when choosing a toothpaste brand: fluoride. While the ingredient has been proven to prevent dental cavities, there is still a reason why it isn’t considered safe once consumed. As studies have pointed out that fluoride is a “potential neurotoxin,” more and more people have been staying away from it. So what exactly should we look for, then?

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This Toothpaste Ingredient Could Be More Harmful Than You Think

Made with xylitol, a sugar alcohol that effectively prevents tooth decay and minimizes plaque growth, toothpaste brand Xywhite will bring the simple action of brushing your teeth to the next level. Because decay-causing bacteria are unable to use xylitol as a food source, the ingredient inhibits the growth of bacteria.

This Toothpaste Ingredient Could Be More Harmful Than You Think

Xywhite toothpaste comes in two variants: Xywhite Toothpaste, made with Baking Soda and Silica Crystals, and Xywhite Gum Care Toothpaste, which includes CoQ10 or Ubiquinone, meant to reverse dental gum diseases.

Xywhite is available in leading health stores and supermarkets.