Say Pouf! These Toni Gonzaga and Winnie Wong-Approved Colognes Are All You Need For That Touch Of Everyday Magic

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Highlighting the magic of the day’s chapters, multi-functional lifestyle brand, Everyday, waves it wand and creates Pouf! a delicious trio of colognes you need to experience now.

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Waking up bright and early on a Saturday morning is a mountain of an effort itself, especially when coming from a long-drawn work week and perhaps a throwing of cares away on a Friday night. But if there’s any reason to get up and get going, it’s a promise of something most enchanting, magical even. With dragged out steps and half-awake souls, we stood at the awning of what appeared to be a maze-like link of worlds in the warm, wood-flanked enclave, where our spirits were stirred to charming attention by Toni Gonzaga herself. Immaculate and incandescent in head-to-toe white, wearing the brightest of smiles to boot, it was as if she was set to play fairy godmother to what was set out as a multi-sensory experience of what she and constant collaborator, Winnie Wong, were bringing to life—a line of colognes for their brand, Everyday.

Moored by practical and minimal essentials, the Everyday continues its quest for resist and reduce the urge to produce and present more of the same things. “We want to be your last,” they say. With their DNA, as realized in their first born, the effortless, fuss-free, and sustainable Everyday Planner, they have created an extension of their focused world with an exciting experience that adds even more dimension to an already multi-faceted day. “This is really special to us,” begins Toni Gonzaga, clutching the scents close to her chest. “And we want you to experience the magic everyday.”

And just like that, with a wave of their hands, Pouf! is born, a three-part fragrance collection that depicts the main chapters of the day: Rise, Bloom (for noon), and Dusk. Meant to heighten the meandering mundane, Pouf! also exists to simplify your day and help you focus on what’s important, all while smelling good. Taking charge of this experience is Rise, a refreshing pick-me-up of citrus, which features a sparkling swirl of lemon, pink pomelo, and lily of the valley. Leaning towards a steady build of jasmine and bamboo, Rise settles nicely to a warm amber, making one linger even beyond the first whiff.

Trailing this charming first foray is Bloom, a dazzling display of sweet florals that make you want to come in closer. Like a delicious bite at height of noon, this scent features hints of lychee, pink grapefruit, jasmine, and rose pear, sinking deep into a formidable foundation of cedar and oakmoss. Finally, we end up in the drawing of the day’s curtains with Dusk, a gentle oriental fragrance that drapes on your skin with notes of sage, blackcurrant, lavender, patchouli, fig, and sandalwood. Individually, they already are a standout, marking a distinct demarcation between the turning of time. However, when put together, it creates a world unlike no other, complementing each other without being lost in its independent individuality.

While it may seem unlikely for branching out, this is the necessary progression for Toni Gonzaga and Winnie Wong, becoming an exciting extension of an experience. Compelling one to appreciate the details of the day, this curated creation, from the line of planner to the colognes, is set to motivate you to consistently do better. After all, there is enchantment in the everyday, and this is all that Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo that we will need. All you need to say is pouf! and there the magic happens.