To The Future: How Amazon Is Reshaping Luxury Fashion In E-Commerce

Finally launching its “Luxury Stores,” Amazon gives its customers a new shopping experience when buying established and emerging luxury fashion brands.

We’ve never really taken the world of e-commerce as serious as how we see and utilize it today. While online shopping has been around for some years already, successfully catapulting its sales to greater heights and double-digits, it’s only now that majority of the people have truly adapted and became comfortable when shopping online.

Due to the pandemic that has limited the mobility of people, we have now resorted to buying goods on various online platforms—from Instagram, Lazada, Alibaba, to Amazon. This could very well mean as a paradigm shift in consumer behavior, bidding farewell in visiting the brick-and-mortar establishments.

With the upward trend in online selling, it’s imperative for all e-commerce platforms to elevate their customer experience. And leading the charge with yet another ingenious creation is the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon. Now, even if they have the biggest market share, it never meant that they can easily penetrate any industry to place products on their platform. In fact, they have been trying to lure the luxury fashion industry into Amazon for almost nearly a decade now, ever since they launched their first fashion ad in 2012.

Finally, after years of waiting following their first foray into luxury brands, Amazon successfully penetrates the luxury market by launching the “Luxury Stores” program. Although this may be, given the global economic recession, there’s a question that begs to be answered: Why now? It really came at an interesting time, as there is less demand for high fashion in our current setting. But according to the President of Amazon Fashion Christine Beauchamp, “It was inspired by feedback from Prime members who want the ability to shop their favorite luxury brands in Amazon’s store.”

Amazon Luxury Stores

So, due to the high demand from its VIP members, the new Luxury Stores shall only be given to selected Amazon Prime members, which they’ll only know if they received an email invitation. In case you’re a Prime member and didn’t get any, you can request one on the Luxury Stores page on Amazon. In this light, perhaps we can safely assume that they have done this in order to separate the hoi polloi to its elite clientele, making sure that luxury fashion brands can maintain the prestige their regular clients always receive in physical stores.

View In 360 Degree

Amazon has been known for ingenious innovations in the world of tech. That’s why it’s no surprise anymore when we see yet another mind-boggling invention the company has yet again unveiled. But in terms of his contribution to the fashion industry, we can say that the Luxury Stores program is the best, thus far.

Amazon Luxury Stores

It will offer Amazon Prime members features like a “view in 360 feature” on the app. This means that you can check how a certain dress or suit would look on you. And let’s admit it, one of the many factors that we’re having second thoughts on splurging online is because we’re not sure how it would fit us. Fortunately, this feature will allow you to properly envision your dress the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

Amazon Luxury Stores Oscar de la renta Cara Delevigne

The program also includes exclusive access to high-fashion labels. Its first partner is the heritage house of Oscar de la Renta, which offers Luxury Store shoppers early access to the late designer’s pre-fall and fall/winter 2020 collections, where Cara Delevigne stars in the campaign. Additional brands are set to join Luxury Stores in the coming weeks and seasons. And in case you want the item to be returned, Amazon accepts items within 30 days of delivery for most styles and offers free return shipping.

In the long run, this new program could very well become the lifeline of emerging brands, because unlike luxury players already have a pre-existing wide reach to the market online, smaller fashion labels would greatly benefit from Amazon’s platform.

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