Pay It Forward: 4 Tips On How To Shop During Quarantine

Through integrated technologies and efforts, how we go about our shopping–and not much of what we actually buy–during the pandemic can truly reveal our conscientious selves 

If there is one trait that has garnered the applause of watchful eyes, it is the resourcefulness of bright-minded people on how to help themselves and others while on quarantine during these extraordinary times. Check your social media timelines (after reading this) and the outpour of solutions are evident–artists sharing their talents via videos and conference calls, the development of apps for at-home convenience, and creative ways to pool in donations for medical aid.

Take our cover stars Vern and Verniece Enciso, for example. For a decade now, the social sisters have been constantly bedazzling the interweb with their beauteous fashion and graciously authentic lifestyle. Every tap and swipe of their Metrobank Vantage Card has always been in the development of their profiles. Being two of the frontrunners in local social media style and influence, in a time before 15-second Stories and Instagram’s Explore tab, they have strived to stay consistently true to themselves. And during the onset of the nation’s community quarantine, they garnered support with a fun twist–raising Php158,000 during an online fitness challenge stream.

But as much as we should heed the call for supporting the healing of this COVID-19 pandemic, we should also focus on keeping our needs in check, all while remaining hygienic and in quarantine. As it is said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, during these times, it is less of what we spend our money on (admit it, we have those food cravings once in a while) and more of how we go about our transactions.

Distancing and sanitation is still at a high priority, so we’ve rounded up a few tips on how to safely go grocery shopping and pay for your bills, all powered by Metrobank.

Don’t go to your market; let the market come to you

Metrobank card for grocery shopping during quarantine
Limit your trips to the market with courier services

No matter where you get your necessities, whether supermarket chains or your local brick-and-mortar stores, there’s no rush to get out the front door and roam the streets. Courier services are still up-and-running to be in service of people. Apps for food deliveries and online grocery shopping are available, and having your Metrobank Card linked will make payment just a tap away. While you’re at it, get something extra for the people coming up to your front gate–they’re the ones going around town.

One card to hold, one card to pay

How to clean your Metrobank card
Metrobank has shared some easy tips on how to sanitize your card

I’m sure you’ve read it somewhere: we should properly sanitize our hands from time to time. We never know where the items we touch have come from, especially the bills and coins we keep in our pockets. Research shows that virus particles remain on solid surfaces for up to nine days. And even if it remains that COVID-19 is transmitted person-to-person, infected surfaces can be catalysts. Having a Metrobank Card that is yours (and just yours) proves to be more hygienic and convenient during these times. Quick and clean–two words we oh so love to hear.

Centralize your bills payments

Metrobank Card for online payments during quarantine
Pay for your bills without stepping foot out of your home

People are always going to be worried about where their money goes, which is totally acceptable given our context. But even during quarantine, you can still attend to your banking needs using the BILLS2PAY Auto-Charge Program of Metrobank. With this service, you may schedule automatic payments for your home utilities. Just visit this link, log-in your account details, and enroll your bills.

For some billers, late fees and other extra charges are placed under a grace period or waived under special conditions during quarantine. But for those who wish to get scheduled payments out of the way, you can freely do so through the meaningful assistance out of the Metrobank Mobile App.

After shopping, pass on the graces

Aside from ease and convenience, owning a Metrobank Card has its perks. After shopping for personal or family needs, you’ll start to accumulate Rewards Points in your account. Instead of spending them for products or vouchers (trust us, you’ll pool up more points later on for those), why not pay it forward by converting the points into donations.

Metrobank and McDo Kindness Kitchen
Metrobank parters with the McDo Kindness Kitchen so your reward points can go to a charitable cause

Help our fellow Filipino workers whose livelihoods have been affected by the enhanced community quarantine by converting Rewards Points into a donation for communities in need through the McDo Kindness Kitchen. Select McDonald’s branches nationwide have dedicated the operations of their kitchens to prepare over 100,000 meals to date for frontliners and local communities affected by COVID-19. Donating your Rewards Points is as easy as contacting Metrobank via Messenger. 

In the spirit of ensuring that people are in good hands, Metrobank will also make a monetary donation equal to the points that are pledged. Best of all, no minimum points are required to donate–let’s help make our frontliners’ fight more meaningful!

Apply for a Metrobank Card even when you’re at home by visiting this link. To check which of their branches are open to serve you during this time, visit their website. For more information on Metrobank’s ongoing efforts, follow their Facebook and Twitter pages

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