Tired Of Fashion Trends? We Feel You!

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’Til Trends Do Us Part: A fashion editor’s edit on fashion
“I’m tired of fashion!” I found myself saying after a particularly long drawn out day at work. You know, scouring the malls for what to wear now—for you and I, of course.
It then made me wonder: Are we exhausted with clothes? Are trends really worth its virality? Is fashion just too fast? I may have been particularly under the weather and overly dramatic but I feel you. It is overwhelming. The latest fashion and styles are absolutely everywhere—on your phone, on your computer screens, and especially in the magazine you’re now holding. Now, more than ever, we are herded to consume trends, what with some fashion houses pioneering an immediately shoppable runway, furthering the see-now, buy-now culture we all inevitably adhere to. Ready-to-wear brands churn out the inspired pieces from the season’s best looks just weeks after the runway shows, with some even outright copying the designs patch by patch.
But who is to blame, and is being fast really a bad thing? Brands are just delivering what the consumers want, after all, and to do so, speed is absolutely vital, lest they lose to competitors who are doing the exact same thing. More and more customers are demanding luxury looks now sans the price tag and the brands are more than eager to feed this hunger. Welcome to fashion’s endless cycle.
Feeling out the issue and forming your opinion about it is all good, but what you decide to do afterwards far outweighs everything. I’ve always been one of the people who stand on their pile of clothes after ripping them off the hangers and think, “I have nothing to wear.” We only wear 20% of our clothing 90% of the time, so it only makes sense to discard the excess. I do understand, it’s hard to let go. But once you’ve cleaned out your dresser and either sold or have given away the surplus, you’ll feel liberated. A wise friend once told me, “Let go so you’ll have more room for better things.” And what’s better than fashion that’s sustainable?
Sustainability, a big word oft thrown around by companies to make it seem like they’re being ethically responsible about the business of fashion, kind of like “organic” and “free range” with food. But really, I do choose sustainability—price (if I can afford repurchasing the product if it requires replenishment), quality (a piece should at least survive my usual wear and tear demands), and style (it must ideally stand the test of trends and time). I confess though, some trends are indeed too good to resist. Upon careful consideration, I do find myself trying out a look that I deem would not go out of style too soon and would be easy to integrate to my current wardrobe.
Sustainability isn’t supposed to be an intimidating concept that is exclusive to some—sustainability should simply be something that works for your lifestyle. It can be as simple as re-wearing your clothes or supporting handmade artisans. As it is with life, so it should be with fashion: slow down, appreciate, and ponder. Stepping back and looking at the big picture will not only have your pockets and the environment thanking you, it will—for me personally—bring back the fun in fashion. That sense of curation, that careful incorporation of a piece to your whole wardrobe, will seem more magical and ultimately more worth it. And isn’t that why we love fashion anyway?