How to Throw the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Party

Sunny days and warm nights are just around the corner, with summer inching closer with each passing day. It’s time to get out the grill again and spend the splendor of clear skies with friends. Throw the perfect backyard barbecue party with these essentials:

Do up with rustic décor

Set the theme with rustic décor to really bring in the summer vibes. Dress wooden tables with plaid tablecloth and add a bucket of wild flowers on top for an added accent. Hang paper lanterns on string and lace them along the sides of your backyard for some vibrant color.

Serve meat in red, white, and blue

Fire up the grill and slab on some seasoned meat. Suit your guests’ palates by serving different kinds of meat they’ll enjoy—red meat like steak and beef, white meat like pork and chicken, and meat from the blue seas like shrimp and lobster. Complement these with some grilled corn on the cob and cheesy grilled potatoes.

Round up some refreshments

A barbecue party wouldn’t be complete without cold drinks to stave off the heat and to pair the food with. And of course, there’s no other perfect beverage to partner grilled goods with than an ice-cold bottle of beer. Enhance the taste of the smoked meat with the smoothness of San Miguel Super Dry. Its aromatic hops leaves a crisp, dry, and smooth finish that goes well with the juiciness and smokiness of the barbecued meat. Down each bite of meat with a gulp of this brew and relish the heaps of flavors for a truly tasty delight.

Start off summer on the right foot. Celebrate the brighter days ahead with some grilled meat, good friends, and a cold bottle of San Miguel Super Dry.

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