This Young Entrepreneur Helps Companies Become Heralds of Truth Online

In the age of social media, information is spread like wildfire. And most of the time, authenticity is the subject of scrutiny. With fake news permeating all platforms, it can be hard to distinguish what’s real from what’s not. This particular niche is the expertise of Bran Reluao. Like a magician pulling tricks from a hat, Bran is able to provide non-conventional yet effective solutions for clients seeking to stand as a reliable source of information in the digital realm. Quirky and bubbly in temperament, the meek businessman also yields a driven mind and an inexhaustible amount of energy to help companies and personalities maneuver the tricky landscape of online campaigns.

After working for prestige companies and agencies, the young yet established entrepreneur has harnessed professional knowledge in digital political campaigns, online reputation management, digital transformation, and crisis management. Through this extensive experience and his dexterity in digital political campaigns, he has put up his own agency–B&A (BranReluao and Associates)–and had a roster of clientele including national and local politicians, celebrities, and other known personalities and brands. 

B&A is a communication agency that specializes in digital transformation and crisis management. The agency focuses on developing effective and assertive ideas to spark movements and create an impact. They also specialize in Online Political Operations and Strategy, Crisis Management, and Digital Launch and Campaigns. Skilled partners and associates help run campaigns smoothly and craft top-end solutions for every client’s concerns with their expertise in their respective fields. 

Bran Reluao’s brainchild proves that no mess is too big and no situation is too hard for the agency to handle. “For me, there is no problem we cannot solve; there is always a way out,” Bran says. “With B&A, consider it done! Consider it managed!”

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