This Unique Shopping Experience Lets You Travel Across the World With Top Beauty Brands
This Unique Shopping Experience Lets You Travel Across the World With Top Beauty Brands

This Unique Shopping Experience Lets You Travel Across the World With Top Beauty Brands

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Explore beauty like never before in Beauty Discovery, featuring global destinations, irresistible offers, and insightful masterclasses

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Over the past few months, the thirst for new experiences has been building up inside of us. That sense of normalcy from traveling and shopping have been rather improbable in isolation. We have been yearning for some form of escapism–imaginative and fulfilling experiences that take our minds elsewhere momentarily. Some of us have even settled at the fact that there can only be so much we can do within the confines of our homes. But what if you can fulfill these desires without risk–travelling across the world, shopping to your heart’s content, and learning more about beauty and style from the experts?

Beloved beauty brands from all over the globe team up for Beauty Discovery, a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that allows you to explore beauty in different forms. This is your chance to escape to a world where beauty meets adventure, right at your fingertips. Grab your passport, because your journey begins today. Here’s how:

Book a Flight

Just like with any trip, you have to decide where you want to go. For Beauty Discovery, its key destinations provide distinct and vibrant settings for associated brands. Immerse yourself in the bustling New York avenues, or experience a multi-sensory environment in the urban circles of Paris. Embrace nature as you relax by the sea or on the lush fields of Sicily, or excite your spirits with the sights and sounds of Tokyo.

No matter what region you choose, every one of them will have exclusive content and offers tailored to the destination. Best of all, this isn’t a one-way trip! The 5-day Beauty Discovery tour will allow you to experience all the destinations, with every day being a new experience.

Earn Shopping Credits

As you await the 5-day shopping tour beginning this September 25, Beauty Discovery gives you the opportunity to double your shopping credits throughout your travels. Pre-ordering credits after signing up through this link will earn you double of what you pay for! Once you have your credits loaded, make sure to not be late for take-off, as exclusive deals will be available just for you.

Receive Your Boarding Pass

From September 25-29, discover and explore beauty from across the globe. Shop and collect exclusive Beauty Discovery gifts, with new deals arriving every day. But more than shopping, Beauty Discovery is also a platform to learn more about how to express yourself further through signature looks. Get a first-class seat into beauty masterclasses from Jaclyn Cayetano, Yciar Castillo, Tamara Pineda, and Gienah Contreras.

Take Home A Memorabilia

Make the memories during this trip last for longer. As you fly back home, you’ll receive a postcard that will give you access to all the beauty brands you met along the way during Beauty Discovery.

Turn your dreams of international travel, exclusive shopping, and insightful learning into a reality with Beauty Discovery. Sign up now by visiting the exclusive website, and prepare for boarding on September 25-29, 2020.